Max + Kelsey | Weston Red Barn

If you follow our blog regularly you may remember Max and Kelsey from another blog post. Max proposed to Kelsey in front of her family in an epic way that I was honored to be asked to document. I fell in love with them and their family that night in Union Station and even more so after their equally epic wedding last Saturday at the Weston Red Barn Farm. Being able to go into a wedding already knowing the back story and the dynamics of all involved always gives me a leg up on what is happening and allows me to really dive deeper and be ready for those unexpected moments I love so much. Or so I thought. I had only really met just a fraction of Max and Kelsey’s people and thought they were crazy enough. Little did I know ALL of their people are crazy. A surprise I welcomed with open arms. This wedding had it all from a cocktail hour before the outdoor ceremony on a perfect fall day, to a bridesmaid and groomsmen swapping outfits, to champagne bongs, to delicious drinks and McDonald’s delivery, and the craziest dance party I have seen in a long time. Never was there a dull moment. I was able to keep up with the nonstop action that ended with a perfect private last dance for the couple surrounded by candlelight, empty bottles, and McDonald’s french fry wrappers. Perfection.

Congrats Max and Kelsey, and thanks so much for trusting me with your memories!

Here are some of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!



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