Laura + Todd | KC Wedding

I am not sure if you have noticed but there is usually a bit of pressure involved in a wedding. I mean it is built in as soon as we as a society labeled a wedding day as “the best day of our lives”. It certainly is a very important day that we all put a ton of work into but in the end we can’t control everything and just need to roll with things. People that understand that and are able to handle what comes their way always have a much better experience on their wedding day. Laura and Todd and their families were such people. It rained and it rained hard on their day and their venue was such that doing photos inside was going to be a challenge so the rain was not welcome to say the least but you would not have known any different. Laura and Todd were total troopers and rolled with it. So much so that when I told them we needed to go outside for a few epic portraits after their ceremony in the pouring rain there was no hesitation. The sky was perfect and the rain only added to the drama. It is a known fact that inclement weather is good for photographs. I actually prefer to shoot in non perfect weather. It adds such a drama that a clear sky can’t give. So we grabbed some umbrellas and headed outside of Cellar 222 in the Crossroads district of Kansas City and made it happen. The water was rushing down the street, I was on my knees in the middle of an intersection and Laura and Todd just stood there smiling the entire time. It is exactly what it takes to fully experience a wedding day. You need to simply let it all go and roll with it. The couple was rewarded with a laid back day full of family, friends and killer dance party reception. Here are a few of my favorites from the day as a teaser. Congrats Laura and Todd you two are awesome!


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