Johnson Family Normal Day Session

Years ago when we first started our business we attended a branding workshop to get a feel for what we wanted to be as a company and were asked to write down words that defined who we were and who we wanted to be. We all wrote down family historian. It was clear what direction we needed to head and over a decade later I am proud to say that ideal has been steadfast. Everything we shoot be it a wedding or a family session is guided by that principal of showing life how it is in order to preserve that for the future. We believe the early years of a family are so important and those need to be documented in as real of a way as possible. The Johnson family feels the same way and we love it. This is the second session we have done for this family who’s mom happens to be fellow photographer in Kansas City. Working for other photographers is always both fun and a tad nerve wracking at the same time. On one hand they totally get the vision and understand what it takes to get the type of photos we are looking for and on the other hand you always feel like they are watching you. Good thing is Deanna always finds a way to be totally present with her family and this shoot was no exception. I spent a few hours with these guys on their last day of summer and the eve of the first day of school. I loved being there that day. There was such a joyous feeling of capturing those last moments of summer vacation combined with the anticipation of what was to come the following morning. I witnessed moments of siblings playing in the water, riding bikes, and helping with dinner combined with end of the night dance parties and sage advice from dad on how to handle the first day at a new school. To top it all off the family was planning on moving soon to a house so these were some of the last moments like this they would have in their current house. It was exactly the type of session I believe in as a family photographer in Kansas City and I can’t wait to see where their life goes in the future and be there to document that stage.

Thanks Johnson family for trusting me with your memories.


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