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Hindu weddings can be a bit stressful. The amount of moving parts and significance can make the best photographer buckle under the pressure. Having an amazingly trusting and calm couple is vital to being able to make the right decisions and get the best photos. Nic and Pooja were that and then some. From day one they trusted me to get the job done and approached the entire process with such calm under pressure it was infectious. It also helped that they had the A team when it came to vendors all led by one of the best wedding planners in the city, Sarah Quinlivan with Quintessential Events. I have known Sarah for many  years and she makes it happen NO MATTER WHAT. This event had many moving parts from the Barat where Nic would ride in on a horse, to the ceremony out on the lawn of the Kansas City Convention Center, to me wanting to take the couple to the roof of their apartment building for portraits at dusk. She had her hands full and managed to make it look easy even when the rains came and we had to go to plan B. No problem she said. I like that attitude. Nic and Pooja were calm, Sarah was calm, thus all of us were calm. We made it happen and Nic and Pooja had a wonderful celebration despite mother nature trying her best to dampen spirits. 🙂 I loved figuring this puzzle of a wedding out. That is what I do every weekend. Solve puzzles. Some are easier than others but in the end we simply need to figure out what pieces fit where. Weddings are like individual puzzles to me. In the end a wedding is a wedding as a puzzle is a puzzle but you can’t use the same pieces from one puzzle on another. Same as a wedding. Just cause there is a bride and groom doesn’t mean they are the same. Their pieces are different. So when Nic and Pooja and I were talking about where to take portraits of them on the day I questioned their request to use the Kauffman Performing Arts building. Sure it is convenient as it is right there behind the Kansas City Convention center and it certainly is cool looking but it did not have any meaning to them. I later found out that they live in the Power and Light building. Seeing as that is near by as well I thought that made more sense. How about we make a photo on the roof of their building with the Kauffman Center in the background I thought. They loved it. To have a photo on the building where they first lived would have much more meaning that they could remember for years to come. The only catch was we needed to do the portraits at dusk to capture the best light. So with some careful planning with Sarah we had a short 30 min total to get the job done during dinner including the time to walk over there and back. It was tight but I knew it would be worth it. Taking risks is what makes the difference in photography and we were rewarded for our faith from mother nature with an incredible sunset that evening.

It all came together and we walked away with some incredible photos thanks to the trust from not only Nic and Pooja but more so from Sarah. The entire night went exactly to plan and was the perfect celebration of two families coming together.

Thanks for the trust Nic and Pooja!


Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day.

Vendor list:

Wedding planner: Sarah Quinlivan – Quintessential Events

Caterer: Jack Stack – https://www.jackstackbbq.com

Cake: McLain’s Bakery – www.mclainskc.com

Band: Patrick Lentz Band – www.patricklentzmusic.com

Florist and Decorator: Studio Dan Meiners – www.danmeiners.com

Make-up and Hair: White Carpet Bride – www.whitecarpetbride.com



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