The Byers Family Normal Day Session

It is always a pleasure to document lives as they change. In the end that is entire purpose behind what we do. Photographs are meant for posterity we believe and that mantra drives how we approach everything we do at Wirken Photography. From our weddings, to our corporate assignments to our families it is all about capturing the present in as true a form as possible. So we can communicate to future generations who we were and what was important to us. There is nothing more important to the Byers family than their two kids and I got the chance to show that last week when I spent a few hours at their house. It was perfectly normal. They literally did what they always do PJ’s and all and I got to capture real moments without any direction from me. I love these sessions and I think we all deserve to have our everyday documented like this. I have been able to witness this family grow from the start where I documented their wedding, their first daughter was she was a newborn and now their newest son as a newborn. Such subtle sweet moments that take patience to wait for but are jam packed full of meaning.

This is what we need to remember.


Here are a few of my favorites from our Normal Day Session.


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