Teaser Tuesday | One wedding photojournalism photo from Gretchen and Fred’s Kansas City wedding

Two special Teaser Tuesday’s in one week for me.

This one comes from my cousin Gretchen’s wedding on Friday. Shooting for family is both fun as well as challenging. I love it because I have grown up with Gretchen and really know her and her family, so being able to make images that tell their story means a lot. On the other hand it is a challenge as you know all the things that need to be covered. But is is a challenge I gladly accepted.

Gretchen is a very amazing person and, like her maid of honor said in her speech, is blown away by what Gretchen can get done in a given day. She is a teacher and more impressively a mother to her son Tate. It was so great to watch Fred and how he has come into their lives making the three of them a team.

The entire day was an emotional roller coaster for Gretchen and Fred including their first dance. Here is an image from that dance. It was awesome to watch how deliriously happy she was all day and I know that Fred is going to make her and Tate that happy for the rest of their lives.

Congrats Gretchen and Fred and Tate!

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Beth Hafner

“Deliriously happy” is an excellent way of describing the image (and emotion) you captured! What a beautiful love story! I couldn’t be happier for the both of you!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! The picture is amazing. I bet the whole album is just as awesome. I have seen his work and he has a way of capturing the emotion of his subjects like a true artist. I couldn’t be happier for you and Tate!


Love it! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!


How beautiful! So happy for you all.

Janet Morse

Beautiful couple, beautiful picture! So glad we were there! Thank you for sharing this….


You really caught them Tyler, what a joyous celebration,

Jean Klosterman

Congratulations Gretchen and Fred (and Tate:). This is a beautiful picture which captures true love and happiness

Kay Scott

Congratulations Gretchen and Fred! So happy for all!
The picture captures LOVE and JOY in one snap.
Love to you, Kay Scott

jeanne stephens

I know Gretchen and Fred were glad we all were there yet in the moment when this photo was taken, it was just the two of them that mattered. Great shot.

Marcia Walsh

Blessings and Happiness to such lovely individuals and now joined forever as one through love. Gretchen, The happiness exudes from your eyes and smile. Congratulations.


I can’t stop looking at this! Pure joy and peace!

Ginny Morse Timmons

You are, and always have been, one very special niece Gretchen. You guys are blessed indeed Tate and Fred !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love to you wonderful threesome ! I join everyone in eagerly awaiting more pictures 🙂
Ginny Morse Timmons

Jan Turner

This picture touches my heart! Blessings to all three of you!

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