Kansas City Same Sex wedding photography | Teaser Tuesday of Clint and Evan’s wedding at Mildale Farms

A day late but hey it’s busy season. Teaser Tuesday on a Wednesday today. I had the pleasure of documenting Clint and Evan’s wedding this past weekend at Mildale Farms. This was to by my second time as a same sex wedding photographer in Kansas City, Missouri but my first time documenting two men getting married. I must say both times I have been asked to document a same sex wedding I have felt different. These events are just different. I mean if you boil it down it is all the same. Two people in love surrounded by people supporting their union acting as witnesses to their love. I think it boils down to Clint and Evan’s story. It was a story of true love and unwavering support from friends and family that went deeper than normal. It seems with both same sex weddings in Kansas City that I have been the photographer for there seemed more on the line. Clint and Evan’s Mildale Farms wedding was a celebration of overcoming adversity and finding the person that makes it all make sense. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from the day.

Clint helps Evan with his bow tie prior to their ceremony at Mildale Farms. tw2_4818_bPerhaps my favorite image from the day. Evan and Clint walked into the ceremony seperately down a long path. I love how all of this lined up on a picture perfect day.  tw2_5451Clint reacting to Evan’s amazing vows he wrote. tw1_4056_bIt was a very emotional day. This image sums it all up for me showing the love not only between Clint and Evan but also their friends and family. tw1_3081_b

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