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I had my phone by my bed just in case. Sure as the world it rang at 7:00am on a Sunday. Amy was on the line. “Change of plans. I am heading into an emergency C-section within the hour. Can you make it?” I jumped out of bed cleaned myself up and grabbed my gear. On the way John, Amy’s husband, texted me to go straight to the OR. I pushed the gas a little harder. I had plenty of time. No worries almost there. The last thing I ever expected was to be stuck at a light 2 minutes from the hospital by a marathon and a man on a cane painfully making his way across the street. I couldn’t believe it. What luck. Luckily a space between runners opened up and with the man with the cane just passed my bumper the cop waved me through. I made it with 5 minutes to spare before John and I were rushed into the OR to witness baby Ellie’s intro to the world. Today’s Kansas City Birth story had a happy ending. I made it. Baby was healthy and mom and dad have a family. Being trusted to witness and photograph a birth is the utmost for me. It is even more meaningful when I have been their wedding photographer. Being able to be a Kansas City birth photographer for so many of my couples is astounding to me. The fact that they trust me with their most precious of life events is incredible. I have known Amy since I was a kid. We lived on the same block. Being able to see her and John marry and then have their first child was amazing. Congrats you two and welcome to the world Ellie!

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Celina Goldfarb

That’s an amazing story! You had an Angel riding on your shoulder with you ! We couldn’t be more happy for Amy and John. Couldn’t of happen to a more deserving couple! Bless you both !

Ruth Vogt

Congrats Amy and John. So glad everyone is ok.
Love Ruth and Gary

Michele McKittetick

I was at that beautiful wedding and thanks to you I feel like I made it to the birth as well! Thank you! Welcome Baby Ellie! Uncle Jim and Aunt Michele can’t wait to meet you!!

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