Teaser Tuesday on a Wednesday | One wedding photojournalism image from Tina and Aaron’s wedding- Red River Gorge, Kentucky

I have good reason for my tardiness on Teaser Tuesday as I was driving back from Tina and Aaron’s amazing wedding on Monday in Kentucky near the gorgeous Red River Gorge in Kentucky. It is hard to sum up in words or one photograph how much Tina and Aaron love each other, love their daughter, as well as their family and friends.

I met Tina years ago at the Foundation Workshop and we quickly became friends. She is an incredibly talented photographer so I when she asked if I would document her wedding I was not only honored but also a bit nervous. However, I love the challenge of shooting weddings for other photographers, and this one did not fall short in any way.

It was such a joy to spend two days in Kentucky with these two. During her speech at the reception Tina mentioned how awesome it was to be surrounded by their favorite people in the world. To be surrounded by their people was the most important part of their wedding. Everyone at the wedding, including their vendors were either family, or close friends.

So I felt it appropriate to choose a moment from their wedding as a teaser that reflected that feeling of support.

Their ceremony took place outside in the woods on a prefect fall day. Just like Tina wanted it.

I loved this image from their ceremony. Tina’s grandfather stood up to read his list of 12 rules for a guaranteed happy marriage and the two of them just snuggled in for a listen and to embrace the moment.

It was perfect.


Thanks for letting me witness that day.


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PERFECT!!! This is why I chose you and you did not disappoint! Now I am dying even more to see my pictures 🙂 xo

Perfection! Congrats, Tina and Aaron! xo

This pic is beautiful! Thanks Tyler for being so amazing that day and for chillin with us at our table. We hope we didn’t scare you with our wicked awesome dance moves. Congrats Mr + Mrs Brouwer 🙂

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