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Katie and Alex and I go way back.   Well at least it feels like we do.  From our time spent in New York for their engagement session, to our dinner that night over meatballs, to their wedding a few weeks ago, I have had the chance to really know these two.  They are remarkable people with remarkable friends and families.  They are also ridiculously cute together.  Yeah that is right, I just said cute on my blog.  But, I gotta tell ya there is no denying it when you watch these two interact.  Katie is a combo of refreshingly silly and sophisticated and Alex is a calm pillar of support to that silliness.

Their wedding was the ultimate personification of these two.  Katie’s creative silliness was apparent at every turn with all of the clever details including a burlap photo booth silly props, to her custom made tank tops for all of her bridesmaids that said, “I love snugs”.   Then you had Alex and his “keep calm and carry on” attitude.

All I ask for brides and grooms on their wedding day is to be themselves.  Katie and Alex took that heart and I was grateful.

Thanks to you two for showing me the real you and letting me capture it.

So here is your preview.  Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks for your viewing.

The info-

Ceremony- Grace and Holy Trinity

Reception- The Hobbs

Florist- Blue Bouquet


The images:

Katie going through the process.

Alex and his boys.

Loved Katie’s bright red lipstick.

So did she.

The guys got to hang out in a very small room.

The dress is on.

Katie and her mom share a moment before leaving for the church.

Katie’s dad sees her for the first time.

Then leads her to the car.

Great shot by Kate of dad and daughter waiting for the call.

Great look Katie is giving Alex.

The unity candle.


Love this shot of Katie and Alex waiting to exit while the officiant finishes up.

Some great light for some fast portraits.

The cake.  Loved how simple it was.

The Hobbs.

Great moment.  Katie was having a bit of trouble cutting the cake and made a bit of mess of it all.

First dance.

Katie and Alex go no where without their sunglasses.  The table place cards were sunglasses with a K+A on the side.

Katie’s sorority girls and their song.



Katie tests out the photo booth.

The throw.

The catch.   Impressive she only spilled some of her drink.

The Jayhawk garter.

The “I love snugs” tank top.  One of the first things Katie told me about was “snugs”.  Her abbreviation for her favorite pastime – good old fashioned snuggling.

Love this moment towards the end of the night.  I love how no one around the couple seems to even notice they are there.

Saying goodbye to mom.

Always the gentleman Alex helps Katie into the car.

Finally time for “snugs”.

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Cassidy S

Amazing!!! Tyler, you are the best! Can’t wait to see more!

Katie Rose

TYLER! You did it again. You completely captured the day down to every detail. When I look at these I feel like I’m back at our wedding day. Every smile, every look, (even the yawn!) show just how much fun we had that day. Cannot wait to see the rest at our viewing!!

P.S. One year ago today you were in NYC shooting our engagement pics!

Allison T

Amazing! You captured my stunning cousin not only in gorgeous photos, but also perfect words – “combo of refreshingly silly and sophisticated.” I’ll admit that as the mother of the “ring bear” I am also partial to the two great shots of my little man as well. Can’t wait to see many more from that fabulous evening!

One of the best overall coverages I’ve seen in some time. Really nice work man. Wonderfully expressive bride too.

Peggy Ricketts

Tyler, You sooooo captured the beautiful and incredibly fun wedding day and the true essence of Katie and Al. I can’t wait to see all of your photos and relive the fabulous moments forever! Peggy

Excellent moments, great use of light and framing. I expect nothing less from you sir! Great job.

ahhh i love to gaze upon your wonderful moments!

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