Capturing Reality | Announcing Tyler’s Three Day Class on CreativeLive


I love to teach. I love all the different ways there are to teach. I love the adrenaline of getting in front of hundreds of people and telling my story as much as I love the satisfaction of working with photographers one-on-one, helping them craft their vision. But my love of teaching came as a surprise to me – I was a shy kid! I never would have guessed that I’d thrive in a teaching environment. Yet here I am, loving every opportunity to teach. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I’m teaching a three-day class on CreativeLive called “Capturing Reality.”

This all started when Huy Nguyen, founder of the Foundation Workshops and Fearless Photographers, asked me to be a team leader at Foundation Workshop 5 in Dallas Texas. Almost a decade later, I’ve been fortunate to teach photographers from around the world the art of documentary wedding photography. In a sea of similarity and manufactured moments, I truly believe that capturing reality can set you apart as a photographer.

So, in just a few weeks, I’ll be teaching on one of the largest platforms available to photographers worldwide – CreativeLive. When I received the e-mail from CreativeLive saying they wanted me to teach a three-day class on the art of “Capturing Reality,” I was both honored and terrified. (Ok, maybe more terrified than honored!) I’ve led workshops around the world, but I’ve never done a live presentation, online for thousands to watch. It’s going to be an amazing learning opportunity for me, which is both humbling and adrenaline-pumping. I can’t wait.

As I prepare for this awesome opportunity, I am increasingly excited to share why I do what I do – and how I do it. Please join me August 25-27 for three days of inspiration, education, and critique. Together, we’ll talk through some sensitive topics (like why I feel weddings are not photo shoots) as well as have fun asking questions about our purpose behind a camera.

The class is FREE if you watch it live, so it’s a great chance to see what goes into making photographs that are 100% documentary. A few topics that we’ll cover include:

  • Why it is important to approach a wedding in a hands-off manner
  • How letting things happen naturally will give you and your client better photos
  • What gear I use to capture reality, and how I use that gear to be constantly ready for fleeting moments
  • Live critiques of your photos!
  • Live shooting demonstrations to show how I put into practice what I preach

To join thousands of other creative photographers who want to discover why capturing reality is inspiring, click the button to RSVP for the class as well as apply to be a member of my studio audience. See you in a few weeks!



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