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I am sure you have noticed I have been embarrassingly behind on wedding blog posts so today I am excited to knock that list down a bit and share with you Katie and Brad’s Kansas City wedding. I inherited Katie and her family from Becca. Becca had photographed Katie’s sisters wedding a few years ago and was unable to be there for Katie’s so they decided to hire me. I am so thankful for that as I have really enjoyed my time with Katie, her mom, and Brad. They are truly some of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. To top it all off they value family to the core. Witnessing the way Katie and her family interacted on that day made me aspire to have the same family dynamic with my own family. Brad fits in perfectly to that mold with his soft spoken, caring ways. They both come from families with multiple siblings and it showed by their willingness and ability to care for others. Their wedding day was a mirror of their personalities. The day was laid back, emotional, and packed full of meaning. Just like I like it.

So great to watch these two all day. Thanks so much for letting us in to your lives.

The details-

Ceremony: St. Francis Xavier

Reception: The Villa

The photos-

Katie’s mom’s maiden name is Perll so pearls are an important symbol in their family. When I asked her mom at our meeting the significance of the pearl earrings and bracelet Katie was to wear she told me her father, Katie’s grandfather, used to call his kids his “string of pearls”. I love when stories like this come to light and I am able to make a photo that will hopefully have meaning down the road.



Brad reading a card from Katie.

Brad’s brother just after secretly working on his speech.

Katie and her mom share a moment after the dress and veil were done.

Katie and her parents moments before leaving for the church.

This was probably one of my favorite moments of the day. Just before leaving for the ceremony Katie and her parents and siblings were all in the room and moments before leaving they quickly came in for a family cheer. It happened so fast but it was awesome.

Brad waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Love how Katie and her dad have the same expression.

We had some time between the ceremony and reception so we decided to spend it at Winsteads for some fun portraits.

Ready for the entrance into the reception.

Katie’s dad having trouble making it through his speech.

Brad’s mom reacting to her son’s speech.

First dance.

One of my favorite images. It was the end of the night and Katie quietly kicked up her Tom’s and just sat in the back of the room with a satisfied look on her face watching her family and friends enjoy themselves.

One last quick portrait in the garden of The Villa.

Thanks for being so wonderfully genuine you guys! It was a pleasure to document your day!




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Love the couple and the post! Such beautiful pictures from a great day.

Bridget Cotter

It was so nice to have a photographer who understands what is most important to our family. These pictures not only tell the story of the day, but in years to come those that see them will also have a real feeling for the love and fun that filled that day for our family. Thank you Tyler.


I loved everything about the wedding day-a perfect couple-and now perfect pictures to help remember it all.

Katie and Brad

We could never have found someone who would have been able to capture our wedding day as perfectly as you did. We cannot thank you enough!

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