Katie + Alex | New York engagement session


The day these two came into the studio for their first meeting I knew it would work and I knew it would be great to document their story.  The reason I knew it would be great is they had no problem telling me about all of their little quirks as a couple as well as having no problem poking fun at each other.  I know couples are going to fine down the road when they poke fun at each other.  I know that sounds crazy but it reminds me of when Alex, our 5 year old, was born and what a nurse said to me.  I was in the nursery checking him out and I said, “Is that a uni-brow?” and she said, “you are going to be a great dad”.   I asked her what she meant and she said the parents that poke fun at their kids right away are going to be just fine down the road.  Not sure how that relates but I love that story!  Anyway, the clincher for me that Katie and Alex would make great clients was when they offhandedly mentioned coming to New York for their engagement session and they said. “how do you feel about sleeping on strangers couches”?  Even though they ended up getting a great hotel room for me as they had a friend staying on their couch I would have felt totally comfortable taking them up on the offer.  See these two just have a knack for making people feel comfortable.   It was great being able to get a glimpse into their lives in New York on that Thursday afternoon.   Thanks for a great day and for a memorable dinner that night with Manhattan’s best meat balls!

Love this note I found in their apartment.  I feel it sums Katie up perfectly.  I assume she is quite organized in addition to loving to cook and enjoy friends.  She cooks dinner for their friends every Sunday night.


Katie and Alex in the middle of  Central Park.


The hustle and bustle of Grand Central Station and some fun with light.


Central Park was beautiful that day with it’s many diverse settings.





The day consisted of navigating the city via cabs and racing the sun.  Here is a moment in between locations in a cab.


One of my favorite locations we hit.  The Brooklyn Bridge.



On our way back to their apartment on the subway.


I love this image.  This angel was mounted to the dash of the cab we were in as we raced to the Brooklyn Bridge as the light faded.  I loved the duct tape holding it in.  Just think what this Angel has seen from that vantage point!


Thanks guys for a wonderful afternoon!


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Cool images Tyler. One day I’ll get to NY.

Jen Baum Schmidt

Wow Ty!! Good job yet again. You’re amazing. To think the Loyd’s and Baum’s grew up a street away is crazy and yet you are the one documenting our special days, so so so cool.

That’s it! When I get engaged … I want to go here, on this date, at this time, to have my pictures taken!

Tyler, I am so jealous of that image where they’re lying on the stone with the golden leaves and her golden sweater. They look like vintage movie stars. It’s so beautiful.

Oh man, I love this entire post. Tyler, you know how much I love these images! They are so lucky to have such stunning pictures.

This blog post is seriously out of this world! The image of them in Central Park with the arch way’s is fantastic. Love the cab shot too. Great job as always Tyler.

I enjoyed so much reading your story with the couple as much as going through your images. Awesome!

katie loyd

I was just looking at this blog post again today before we head back to Kansas for Christmas. Tyler, you did such an amazing job capturing all the ways we are with each other –snuggling, laughing, eye rolling, hugging, loving. We had such a great time with you that day and even more fun at dinner. Like I said, you know you have good people working with you on your wedding when you WANT to be friends with them. Glad we can call you a friend. Have a happy Christmas and a blessed 2011! See you in August!

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