Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photography of Christina and Eric | Teaser Tuesday

Life has been a bit crazy lately hence my 2 week delay on Teaser Tuesday of Christina and Eric’s wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. But as they say better late than never! I first chatted with Cristina last summer about her wedding. She is a wedding photographer herself and had seen a class I taught on Creative Live a couple of years ago. She was totally on board with how I shoot and wanted me to fly out and photograph her wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. I photographed this wedding on my own so I had a few more challenges than normal but I am really happy with the moments I was able to capture for the couple and their families. It was the perfect day for a wedding in North Carolina and these two were full of moments the entire time making my job a joy. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. Enjoy!

This is perhaps the one image I am most proud of. Christina as she is walking down the stairwell in her house reflected in her grandmothers wedding photo. Family tradition and heritage is a huge part of her life so I wanted to do what I could to capture that. I worked on this photo for nearly 30 minutes to make it come together. In the end the work and waiting was worth it.

TW1_6335bw Eric hugs his wife directly after their ceremony in the back hallway of the church.  TW1_6827bw   Hard to pass up kids in suits rolling around in the grass. TW2_8597

Wonderful quiet moment at the end of the reception as the couple is seemingly lost in a sea of friends and family. TW2_9498bw


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