Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Grace and Scott’s ceremony and reception at The Guild.

It’s amazing to me how in the is business I can be shooting at the same venue twice in one month yet experience two totally different events. A few weeks ago I posted about my new favorite venue, The Guild, in Kansas City. I got the chance to shoot there again on Saturday for Grace and Scott’s wedding ceremony and reception. I loved how the other event was a crazy party and this one was jam packed full of special family moments. Grace walks to the beat of her own drum and holds her family and friends very close to her heart. It was super obvious as all day as she just sat back and watched as all of her favorite people were having the time of their lives. You could tell she and Scott cared more about their guests having fun than anything else. It was really fun to watch.

Here are two images that sum up the night for me. Both are from the reception and both are part of the formal dances done at every wedding. However, because Grace wanted to mix things up a bit they decided to do the dances at the end of the night rather than at the beginning of the reception like they typically are. I always love when this happens as I feel the emotions behind the dances are heightened. It was a great way to end the evening. Always is.

Grace shares an emotional dance with her dad right before leaving the reception. Grace later told Scott in the back of the limo on the way to the hotel that she was bawling the entire time she danced with her dad. She just buried her head into his shoulder and embraced the moment. Just like it should be done. I loved her dad’s expression here. I think this dance really told a lot about their love for each other.


The final dance of the night was, in essence, the first dance. Grace and Scott decided to do their “first dance” at the end of the night. It was great moment. Once the song was over they simply hugged their family and walked out the door. Awesome. best_kansas_city_photographer_wedding_ceremony_reception_the_guild_kansas_city_wirkenphotography_bride_groom_dance


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