Teaser Tuesday | Lawrence Kansas wedding photography of Jenna and Steve

Saturday I found myself back in Lawrence Kansas on the campus of the University of Kansas where my love of photojournalism started. It was wonderful to get back to Lawrence again to document Jenna and Steve’s wedding. Weddings can tend to be stressful events no doubt, but in my experience of documenting over 300 of them, it always works out. Such was the case on Saturday. It was unknown whether or not the ceremony was going to be able to be held on the terrace of the Oread Hotel due to how cold and windy it was on Friday at the rehearsal. Fingers were crossed and by the time the ceremony rolled around Saturday evening it was perfect. Jenna and Steve were able to get married under a perfect Kansas sky they love so much. It’s funny I think that stress that comes with weddings actually ends up making them better. I mean if everything was smooth sailing and easy there would be no emotional roller coaster. Everything that was easy in my life was never very memorable. I loved the emotional roller coaster that was Jenna and Steve’s wedding. One minute you would witness Jenna shedding a tear and the next she was throwing her head back in laughter. It was a joy to be a part of.

The images:

As you know I love quiet moments. They take extra concentration to look for and capture which often times I feel is why I like them so much. Love this moment as Jenna sheds a tear while her mom puts on a special family heirloom necklace.



Jenna and Steve share a laugh during the ceremony under a perfect Kansas sky with amazing light atop the Oread Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas.


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