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It’s always great to watch a family grow over the years. It is perhaps one of my favorite things about my job and I have watched the Ward family from before they were a family. I photographed their engagement session prior to even being married. Then 2 years ago I photographed them as a family of 4 in their first house and now last week I got to document them in yet another chapter of theirs lives. Even though I have 2 kids of my own I am still amazed at how each time I go back to a family how fast kids grow and change. More reason to stay ahead of the race and document your family as often as possible. That is why I love our Normal Day Sessions so much. It allows me to opportunity to capture all of those unique things your kids do at certain ages. For instance,like with the Ward family, I got to make a photo of how their 6 year old son LOVES to open the door for quests as they leave and how their daughter is obsessed with Mini Mouse. These traits will soon pass and I love the fact that I have true and accurate documentation of this time in their lives.

Enjoy some of my favorites of our recent Normal Day Session.

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Derrick Ward

Tyler is an amazing photographer and just incredibly easy to work with. We couldn’t imagine using anyone else to photograph our family, and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. We truly thank him for all the memories he’s captured.

Francisco Tabasco

Un trabajo precioso, uno disfruta de su talento.

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