Kansas City Loose Mansion Wedding Photography

Today I am super excited to present my favorite images from Leah and Nevin’s Loose Mansion Wedding in Kansas City. Loose Mansion in Kansas City is one of my favorite wedding venues to work at.

I have been a wedding photographer for the past 15 years and the folks at Loose Mansion have always been a joy to work with. I also love the history of the Mansion. It is always so cool to think that at one time Loose Mansion was the private home of Jacob Loose and his wife. The last time I was there I was eating dinner in what used to be their bedroom complete with a small safe that was to keep Mrs. Loose’s jewelry away from thieves. It is fun to be able to work in such a historical place. Lean and Nevin really embraced the history of Loose Mansion buy taking it one step further and having their wedding ceremony at Loose Park in Kansas City. Loose Park is a beautiful plot of land located in midtown Kansas City that was donated by Mrs. Loose in memory of her husband. So it was only fitting that Leah and Nevin had their ceremony at the park and their reception back at the Mansion.

Most brides who plan an outdoor dread rain. Not Leah. In fact she seemed to wish for it. We were watching as the radar was showing a massive green and yellow storm come over Kansas City and Loose Park where the ceremony was to take place. At literally the 11th hour Leah decided to make the call and continue with the plans to have their ceremony outdoors. Well as luck would have it there was a perfect break in the storm giving them about a 30 min window with no rain falling. Even though it did not actually rain their wedding was still wet and under umbrellas. All according to plan. I love that kind of attitude. Ultimately, Leah and Nevin’s Loose Mansion wedding was exactly like it should have been.

Enjoy of my favorite images from their day:

The team:

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