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I met Gina’s parents before I met her.  They both came into the studio for a meeting and I immediately knew this was going to be a great wedding to photograph and more importantly a great family to document.  I loved how down to earth and grounded they all were.  I loved how they were completely themselves with no apologies and made their wedding day reflect that.  It was great to be able to watch them all show the family they are.

There were a few highlights of the day for me.  The first was Gina wanting to surprise Justin with a custom hot rod get away car after the ceremony.  What a great moment as Justin, who is a car nut, comes out to see flames shooting out of the exhaust pipes of a spotless red piece of art.  Then at the reception Gina’s dad gave the best father of the bride toasts I have ever heard.  Brandon will be posting his film of the day at a later date so you will have to watch that to really get the feel of how great it was, but the general idea revolved around the idea of driveways.  He talked of their driveway and how many people over the years had come to their driveway and left from their driveway, some to never come back.  He talked about how Justin had come to their house via their driveway.  He wished Gina and Justin a life full of great memories and important people coming to their driveway.  It was fantastic.  Just went to show again how much this family valued the ones close to them.

Thanks to Gina and Justin for letting us into your lives for a day!

The info-

Ceremony- The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Reception- The Clubhouse on Baltimore


Gina getting the final touches done.

Guys being guys.  One of Justin’s groomsmen and Justin’s dad react to the smell of what Justin had for lunch…..that cleared the room.

Justin and his dad have a great relationship that was fun to watch.

A flower girl keeping busy.

Bridesmaid running interference.

Loved how the girls were watching football.

Leaving for the ceremony.

Gina gets a hug from her mom minutes prior to leaving for the ceremony.

I love this next series when Gina meets up with her dad for the ride to the church.

Love the attention on Justin in this moment when Gina makes her way down the aisle.

Just married…..with fire.

A fast portrait with the car on the way to the reception.

Waiting for the call into the reception.

It was great how the kids were allowed to have the fun they all wanted on the dance floor before the adults got to it!

Gina’s dad’s toast.

All the men of the family performing a song as a tradition they do at all events.  The name escapes me…as did the lyrics to them as they needed a smart phone to read off of.

The final dance.

Stay tuned for Brandon’s film of the day.





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Whoa. The make-up picture and the portrait inside the car with red light are spectacular

Well done, Tyler. I love the men on mic shot, myself. Really great compositions all the way through. The red light inside the get-away car really works. Perfect moment with the flames in the exhaust, too.

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