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Since we already blasted you all with a shameless plug the other day I figured I would just ride that wave and go for round two.

As you all know my other passion in photography, which I discovered a few years ago, is teaching.  I just returned from a wonderful week in Cape Cod teaching at the Roots workshop put on by my good friend Emilie Sommer that I will be blogging about later and will also be speaking with our very own Becca at the Foundation Conference in Dallas in November, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about some upcoming events here in Kansas City at the studio.

I am really excited about two things that we have coming up at the Wirken Photography studio.

A while back I received an e-mail from a parent who watches the blog pretty regularly.  She asked if I ever did workshops for non-professionals.  Ironically, I had been thinking about doing this for a long time as I get a ton of requests for help from normal everyday folk who simply want to learn how to better document the everyday lives of their kids and families.

I am really glad she e-mailed me and pushed Pam and I to finally create:


Basically the idea is to offer multiple workshops throughout the year targeted to help non-professionals get better at documenting the everyday.  These classes will be limited to no more than 12 students each time and will be held at our studio in Waldo.  A combo of both classroom and live demonstration, these classes will be one day and packed full of easy to understand material to help clear up the fogginess from everything like camera technique to composition.

To kick it off the first class is titled the “Normal Day” workshop.  This is designed for the parent or grandparent who has a digital SLR camera and needs help making it happen.  Below is the info page.

parent_for_emailfinalContact the studio if you are interested.  We are very excited about this.  Being able to continue what I love to do back home is a wonderful opportunity for me.

Finally I would also like to give an update on another workshop being held at the studio in September.  However this time it is for the professional wedding photographer.  My good friend Brooks and I did this in April for the first time and it went really well so we decided to do it again next month.  It is the Art of the Moment Workshop.  If you are wanting to learn the art of documentary wedding photography this is a wonderful chance to further that knowledge.  Covering everything from seeing, shooting, and selling the moment Brooks and I lay it all on the line.  The deadline for the early bird discount is approaching soon and we still have a few slots left.  Check out the site for more info-


Thanks for listening!



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