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Today’s Teaser Tuesday is a special one. As a Kansas City wedding photographer for almost 14 years, I have seen just about everything. I often tell my couples that I hope something goes wrong on their wedding day. I follow up by saying nothing major of course, but every single time something goes “wrong” on a wedding day it ends up being one of the best things. Ashley and Elby experienced exactly that at their wedding,  at Loose Mansion this past Saturday.  Shortly after dinner Ashley became ill and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half in the bathroom sick,  while her guests made their way upstairs to start the dancing. It was certainly not a fun situation for the bride. Fortunately I have some of the best couples a photographer can ask for, and both Ashley and Elby took it all in stride. With the help of her husband, her best friend, and a guest/doctor, Ashley mustered up enough energy to make it up the three flights of stairs to the reception. She took her time stopping at the second landing to cool off before making one of the most triumphant entrances into a reception I have seen. The couple continued to dance like no other for the last hour of their reception.

I told her that night how proud I was of her and her ability to have a good attitude and rise above the situation. It was one hell of a reception. What a fantastic wedding right down to Elby spontaneously carrying his bride into the door of their hotel room at the end of the night.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.

Ashley’s dad seeing her in her dress for the first time where he said, “It’s like I walked into a room with an angle in it”.kansas_city_wedding_photographer_loose_mansionWe went for a short drive after the ceremony in Pech limousine’s Rolls Royce and stopped for some very fast portraits.  I saw the light hitting Ashley in the car and decided to make a fast portrait with Elby in the reflection. I love how classic this feels. kansas_city_wedding_photographer_loose_mansion_pech_limoPerhaps my favorite moment of the day. Ashley making her way up to the reception. She had to stop and take a breather with her sister-in-law and the doctor that helped her,  put their cold beers on her back while Elby, the groom, dances with his niece.  kansas_city_wedding_photographer_loose_mansion_reception

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Your photographs just blow me away. Fantastic as always.

Mike degnan

this was a complete group effort! It was so nice because the brides friend ( I don’t remember her name… she was the pretty NICU nurse), her new husband( my nephew) and the mother of bride and many others did everything to help the bride up those stairs. A true labor of love that paid off. The nurse and I could not get over how such a sick woman remained such a beautiful bride!!!! The photographer was so nice and I love what he wrote.

Wow! You took some amazing shots… those are the shots you certainly can’t forget. nice job

Incredible! what a wonderful job. Congratulations

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