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Nothing really is as good as an adorable couple and an amazing backdrop to document them in. With their wedding at Holy Rosary Catholic Church and the reception at the Hilton President Hotel in Kansas City showing the joy and happiness of Kristen and Anthony was easy.

As a Kansas City documentary wedding photographer, wedding after wedding you always get the luxury of witnessing people on one of their best days.  I step back,  affect very little and enjoy the happiness of the friends and family for these couples. Kristen and Anthony just radiate the love they feel for each other. Why not, they have a love affair from when they were young!

This adorable couple met and have been together since they were 14 years old. Anthony knew then that he wanted to marry Kristen. She politely declined when he proposed back then, but as you can tell she eventually changed her mind.


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Dad waiting to see his daughter.051_place_carella_wd 055_B_place_carella_wd


As a car guy I love Pech Limo. They always brings the cool cars!
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Unique view of the ceremony.100_place_carella_wd

You cannot help but smile when you see Kristen’s expressions throughout the day.
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Short amount of time for portraits + easy going couple = cool building in sketchy neighborhood.  We all thought it was worth it though in the end. Regardless of Anthony almost getting his “Air Jordan” shoes stolen.



Possibly one of the best dad toasts ever. Here is is showing off card Kristen made him almost 21 years ago. Through his words and the fact that he saved this card all this time, really made for a special father/daughter moment.187_place_carella_wd

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As if this reception needed anything other than an adorable couple, a wonderful venue, then you bring in possibly the best wedding band I have ever heard. This image below is the couples friend/wedding guest that used to play with this band. Here he stepped in to play with them for 1 song only. His other gig — plays with some little band named Florida Georgia Line. Perhaps you have heard of them? 300_place_carella_wd 312_B_place_carella_wd 309_B_place_carella_wd 322_place_carella_wdThank you  never seems like enough, but it is all I have got. Thank you for letting me in, letting me witness the wonderful couple you are and your amazing family. I hope that I did it justice in your eyes and that when you look back on these images 30 years from now, you relive the day and feel the love all over again.





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