Not just a portrait photographer – the family historian

Seth and Ellen called me to ask about maternity and newborn pictures without even seeing any portraits on our website.

When they were in the studio for our planning session they said all the right things. They wanted something different, something memorable, something to help them always remember they way they felt the day that their sweet girl was born.  Them walking into our studio was a match made in heaven.

It was perfect timing as we are in the process of shifting our focus with regards to how we do portraits.  Our new focus is to not do typical “portraits” for people and families instead we want to document lives in the purest way possible.  To us a “normal day” in your lives is what we want to show.  You being you on any given day.  Or in this case, you on one of your most memorable days.  The day a family started.   We want to be the visual historians for your family so 30 years from now you will look at that “normal day” and remember  what that day was like, how you felt and what your family was at that time.  So stay tuned for our new website celebrating families and what makes them each shine whether they are brand new or seasoned.  Contact the studio for more info on our new Normal Day sessions.

I am so  pleased to show you what it was like for Seth and Ellen to welcome Nora to the world.  This is one lucky little girl and I cannot wait to document them again in a few years at home, enjoying themselves on just a “normal day”.


Seth and Ellen, thanks for letting me into your family. Cannot wait to see how the rest of your days unfold.



Below is their slideshow followed by a few of my favorite images from the day they welcomed Nora.


We decided to really tell their story it would be cool for me to go with them to one of their ultrasound appointments.  Here is when they could actually make out what their baby girl’s face looked like.  Awesome moment.

The day of the birth at the hospital.  Here Seth’s sister is silhouetted against the monitors.

Seth shows his mom the heartbeat.

Ellen had a rough few hours with contractions and pushing.  Seth was there through all of it.

Finally baby Nora arrives.

Introducing baby Nora to grandma.

This was one of my favorite moments all day.  Seth’s family was in the room meeting baby Nora and when everyone was getting ready to leave his dad was first out of the room.  He kind of slipped out without anyone noticing.  Seth did and ran out in the hallway and called for his dad to stop.  He wanted to say thanks and goodbye.  They shared a warm embrace.  It only lasted a second but it was wonderful.


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Oh man, that’s just beautiful. So tender and emotive Great coverage my friend!


Tyler…what an indescribable gift this family has in these images. Without question, this approach to documenting families is you at. your. best. So excited to see how this takes off. Normal day sessions? I wish I had a family of my own to hire you for. 🙂 Good work, friend.

Fantastic set and love, Love, LOVE that last photo on the blog. It’s so Tyler.

Can hardly see through the misty tears……This is you and your skills and heart at its best. Welcome Nora!


Tyler, Awesome work. Your so good at what you do.

priceless amazingness!!! Awesome!

Tyler these are perfect, touching and perfectly documented. I couldn’t help but to cry. Love it!

Abbie Moles

Truly amazing, Tyler! I remember your post on Becca & Charlotte. This is an absolute gift that can be treasured forever.

beautiful work tyler! simply priceless!

Only commenting now, but I’ve loved this post since it went up, Tyler. Beautiful job. I hope to carve out my niche and do this for adoptions!

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