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Here is my follow up post to Brandon’s wonderful short film of this wedding.  To say this wedding was over the top is an understatement.  The design, the couple, the family, the history, and the party were all working together to make this event chart topping.  Kit’s family is in the newspaper business running the St. Joseph  News Press.  Kit works there and everyone was adamant that the wedding take place in their hometown of St. Joseph Missouri.  To get this done they enlisted the help of the very talented Ellyn Bold of Ellyn Bold Event Designer to pull off an event of epic proportions.  She did just that.  Once the design and party were in place all that this event needed was great people and great moments.  Kit and David and their people did not disappoint.  Everyone in attendance including all of their 44 person bridal party brought their A game to make this evening one of the best parties I have ever witnessed.  It was an awesome sight to watch 400 plus people witnessing Kit and David’s love and commitment.

Event design, coordination and production by: Ellyn Bold Event Designer

Ceremony- First Presbyterian Church

Reception- St. Joseph Country Club

The photos:

The lovely Kit enjoying her time getting ready with her friends.

It then got a little emotional.

This is one of my favorite images from the day.  Kit’s dad waiting for the day to begin in his tux, in his chair with his newspaper.  I love finding quiet normal moments like this.  These are the photos that when shot seem so simple but hopefully years later will have more meaning than ever expected.

Kit wore her mothers earrings.  Her is her mother putting them on.

These next three images represent what was my favorite moment of the day.  Kit’s dad is escorted by her mother to see his daughter in her dress for the first time.

It was an emotional embrace followed by Kit’s dad saying, “I can’t let you go”.

Time for a fast portrait of Kit in her parents home.

Love this moment as Kit waits for David to walk into the church.

Kit and her grandfather share a moment before the ceremony.

A last minute tweak before walking down the aisle.

Love this shot of the blowing veil as Kit and David make their way out of the ceremony to their car.

Private moment on the way to the reception.

The entrance to the tent that was erected two weeks earlier on the back of the St. Joseph Country Club.

Kit shares a moment with Ellyn Bold upon first seeing the finished product after hundreds of hours of work and planning.

The finished product.  Simply awesome.

The grand entrance.

First dance.

The napkins and menus were wrapped with a great detail that was certainly meaningful to the family.

They cut the cake using David’s dad’s sword from his time in the military.

It was a killer party that lasted till the early hours of the morning and then some.

David riding the wave.

One of the most impressive bands I have seen.

The tent where it all happened complete with clear sides and roof so the guests could enjoy the scenery.

Thanks to Kit and David and their families as well as to Ellyn Bold for all the hard work putting this event together as well as allowing us to be able to be there to not only witness it but to document it.


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Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. How is it that you continue to exceed our expectations every time we look at your incredible work? There’s no way adequate way to explain how your work impacts people, but it does in such a phenomenal way. No one shoots the complete wedding story like the Wirken team. Your talent is such a rare, precious gem. I don’t comment often, but this post just blew me away. Big hugs from your Texas friend!

Another home run Tyler! Your ability to capture true emotion is amazing!

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