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Time to get back in the swing of wedding season!  I am very excited for the coming year and the wonderful stories to tell in pictures.  To kick it all off I felt this blog was long overdue for a wedding post!

I shot Kathryn and Mike’s wedding last November but never got around to blogging it so I decided to play a little catch up and tell their story.

I inherited this family from Becca.  She had photographed Kathryn’s brothers wedding and when the time came for Kathryn’s big day she was unavailable so I got the unique pleasure of getting to know Kathryn and Mike and their families.  Let me just say I was so happy for the chance.  Kathryn and her family are amazing to watch.  They are so welcoming, so loving and real.  Plus they are a very large family and everyone from the young kids to the grandparents know how to party.  That dance floor was packed the entire night.  So much fun to be a part of.

I loved how Kathryn made sure to be herself 100% that day.  It is all I ever ask for from my subjects and she pulled through.  It was awesome.

Thanks to all of you for the chance to be let into your lives for a day.  I liked it there!

The info-

Ceremony- Redemptorist Church

Reception- Kansas City Country Club

Coordinator- Kelley Ruf


100% Kathryn.


Mother and father of the bride share a moment in the hall.

Love this shot of Kathryn’s dad waiting to see his daughter and escort her to the ceremony.

On the way to the ceremony.

The church.

Awesome shot by my assistant Kate.  Love all of the different layers of action happening while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Kathryn and her dad making it down the aisle while her mother and grandmother look on.

We had so many images like this of Mike.  He could not keep his eyes off Kathryn during the ceremony.  Awesome shot by Kate.

Like I said they have a huge family.  The little ones were having a hard time making it through the ceremony.



Party on the bus on the way to the reception.

Probably my favorite moment of the day.  Kathryn and Mike practicing their dance in a back room.

The real dance. 


Apparently this guy was trying to show me how it feels on the other side of the camera!d

Family dance off.

Final dance.

The send off.


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Beautiful wedding! I love them all, specially that first shot of the getting ready! Wonderful!

What great dancing shots! Love the boys catching the garter. This wedding has so much energy, I love it.

Mary McHenry

These are wonderful! I love the bus shot -that’s my favorite.

I like many of these shots, but I have to say, I love the gum spitting moment.

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