Teaser Tuesday | Megan + Adam wedding at the Ritz Charles in Kansas City

This image from Megan and Adam’s wedding on Saturday at the Ritz Charles in Kansas City was a combo of both the best and worst thing that happened at their wedding.

I say time and time again to all of my clients that I hope something goes wrong on their wedding day.  I usually am faced with looks of confusion after such a statement but I know from experience that the things that go wrong on a wedding usually lead to the most memorable moments.

It happened on Saturday night to Megan and Adam.  The power at the venue went out three times during their first dance pretty much ruining it in the eyes of most in attendance.  I however loved it.  Not only did Megan’s bridesmaid quickly chime in and start singing due the lack of music but later in the night Megan and Adam got the chance at a do over.

In a stroke of genius the Dj decided with only three songs left in the night to try again and asked the couple to come out on the dance floor so they could redo the first dance.

It was one of if not the best moment of the day.  Close family and friends watched as an emotional Megan and Adam had their moment uninterrupted.  It was magical and ultimately better than the actual first dance.

Congrats on a great wedding and thanks for being such great sports.


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Brooke’s Mom (Jennifer)


I’m SO glad we had “the talk” the evening before about “things may go differently than planned!” 🙂

You guys sailed right on through the speed bump and enjoyed the moment of dancing many, many, many times that evening.

It was a privilege to be your Wedding Coordinator. I know Tyler’s stills and video are going to wonderful…he had a LOT of great material with which to work!

Michael Nolte

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