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There is nothing normal about our Normal Day Sessions and that is what I love most about them. Family photos for years have been the thing that most families dread. Parents trying to force their kids to be a certain way. Kids doing everything they can to not be that way. It is usually a bit of a nightmare. Then the photos all seem to look the same. No matter how hard you try as a photographer they all seem to be the same. This, in the end, is why I love our Normal Day Sessions. NOTHING is ever the same from session to session. Being able to witness a family as they are in their natural environment is what being a family photographer in Kansas City is all about for me. The Collum family agreed and asked me to spend an afternoon with them as they hung out at home on a perfect fall evening. It was simple. No special clothes to buy. No need to make the house perfect. All they had to do was they normally do and it was perfect. They built puzzles, dug in the backyard for treasure, picked tomatoes, ate spaghetti, and of course has a dance party. I was there to document it without any interference. That is how you make the perfect Kansas City family “portrait” in our opinion. Enjoy a few of my favorite images.

This is literally the first photo I made that day.

tw1_7543_bSiblings.  tw1_8124_bWhen your dad is a musician you get the best dance parties complete with rotating lights. tw1_8290Mom and daughter snuggles after a bath.  tw1_8864_b


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