Featured on Blue Bouquet Blog!!!

We just heard last night that Wirken Photography was featured on a local florist’s blog. Becca and I were interviewed a while back by Neil Carr of Blue Bouquet.

Let me start by talking about these wonderful folks for a bit.

Just like you will read in Neil’s very wonderfully written article, Pam and I met Neil and his lovely wife Drue at the KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular a couple of years ago. These people are the type that you instantly like. Even without speaking to them. Not only are they crazy talented floral desginers, they are the most genuine, down to earth folks you will meet. So it is no surprise we hit it off.

Fast forward 3 bridal shows, a merger, a new website, and a need for a new kick butt blog and we find ourselves sitting down for coffee chatting with Neil about what makes us tick.

See Neil is a very impressive fellow. Not only is he incredibly fun to talk with, he is undeniably intelligent. This man pretty goes full out on anything he does. I first learned this when he was quickly approaching outdoing me on bridal displays. I thought I had an overboard, intricate display, then Blue Bouquet rolls onto the scene. Just go to their blog and look for the pics of his latest creation. Simply amazing. He is also very educated on blogs and more importantly how they work.

So be sure to go to their blog and read his awesome article on us and while you are there check out their site and the wonderful floral creations they create week in and week out. You will love these two! I promise.

Neil- thanks for your time, the beautiful blog you built for us, and the thoughtful article. You nailed it on the head!

Tyler and Becca

Blue Bouquet article about Wirken Photography on their blog talking about photojournalism and wedding photography

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How very kind of you Tyler. I appreciate the kind words. It was a fun article to write and I’m thrilled that you guys liked it.

Sherry Shockey

Can you tell over the blogwave that I am beaming? I am so proud of your accomplishments. bravo, Becca (and Tyler!)

WOW! What an amazing article! Hire Neil for Wirken Photography PR immediately! 🙂

WOW! What a great article! Congrats, you two! 🙂

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