Columbia Missouri wedding photography | Teaser Tuesday of Seth and Kirsten’s wedding at the University of Missouri

Unique personal stories are what I live for being a wedding photographer in Kansas City, Missouri. I often say if you boil down a wedding they are all the same. No matter how interesting your wedding is, whether your wedding is in Kansas City, or Cancun, or Columbia, Missouri the outline of the day is essentially the same each time. So as a documentary wedding photographer that specializes in telling stories my job is to dig deeper and truly tell stories that will resonate for years to come. Every single wedding couple that hires me to be their wedding photographer in Kansas City, Missouri gets the same treatment. Being able to find a unique story to focus on really allows me to take everything to another level for my clients. The moment Seth and Kirsten walked into my studio to talk me about photography for their wedding in Columbia, Missouri I knew their story was going to be different. It was the first time I have had a service dog at a meeting so my curiosity was peaked. I asked Kirsten about her dog, Cole, as soon as they walked in. Turns out Kirsten has a hear condition and Cole is there to help out and sense when she might have a problem. Even though I was first drawn to Cole because of the uniqueness of that story Seth and Kirsten’s connection and love quickly became evident at our meeting and added to my excitement about documenting their day. This past Saturday Seth and Kirsten got married in Columbia, Missouri and Cole walked down the aisle in a tux right next to Kirsten and her dad. It was great to witness that bond.

Here are a few teaser images from Seth and Kirsten’s wedding in Columbia, Missouri

Kirsten got dressed in her childhood bedroom complete with a giant inflatable piece of pizza. Awesome.

TW1_5718Kirsten and her service dog, Cole, share a moment before they walk down the aisle.  TW1_6153_bI never get tired of when grooms get emotional upon seeing their bride walk down the aisle.  Seth was no exception. TW1_6263_b


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