Becca + Brett | Kansas City Wedding Photography by Tyler Wirken



Becca and Brett know how to have a good time and truly enjoy the moment.  I loved how joyous and colorful their Kansas City wedding was.  It was on the face of everyone present that day, especially Becca’s.  I loved how there was no mistaking how happy she was that day, even down to the lines on her face where her tears washed away some of her makeup.  It was awesome to see that visual reminder of what the day and people meant to her.  Most people would find that to be a bad thing.  That her makeup was “messed” up.  I on the other hand loved how it told a wonderful story.  Becca and Brett made no excuses for making their day what they wanted and it showed.

Thanks guys for letting us be a part of the memories.



The details:

Wedding: Redemptorist Church

Reception: Hallbrook Country Club

The images-

Becca helping the little ones in the wedding with their hair and of course lipstick.

Brett and his best man in the locker room of Hallbrook Country Club.

Brett’s dad helping with his cufflinks.

I loved this moment.  This little girl was so badly wanting to help Becca get ready that she held onto her shoe for a good 20 or so minutes waiting for the moment she could help put it on.

Becca and her mom minutes before leaving for the ceremony.

Becca rode with her dad to the ceremony.

When Becca was a child her dad would trick her into helping pull weeds in the yard by telling her they were flowers and she should pick them and make a bouquet.  Because of that memory she always said she wanted to find and pick a dandelion on her wedding day with her dad.  Turns out it is harder than you think to find a dandelion while driving in a limo.  Here Becca has her eyes glued to the landscape for one as they make their way to the ceremony.


Great shot by Kate.


I love this moment right after the ceremony of Becca and Brett together with Brett’s mom sneaking a peak.

Very fast stop for some portraits.

First dance with confetti canons.

Becca and her dad share a dance.

Brett and his mom.

Becca told me to be on the look out in case a moment happened.  She said her grandparents have never danced with each other and she was hoping they would at some point during the wedding.  The anniversary dance was a perfect chance.  I am glad to be able to make this image not only of them dancing but with Brett and Becca right there watching.

One of my favorite moments of the day.  While Becca and Brett were waiting for their guests to organize the send off at the end of the night the DJ put on Brett’s favorite band 311 for them to enjoy an impromptu last dance.  A very fitting end to a great reception.

On the way to the hotel.

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