Teaser Tuesday | Kate + Scott | A Kansas City wedding photograph

One image from Kate and Scott’s recent wedding for your drive home on a Tuesday.

I love this image the second I shot it.  I am always looking for images that will be not only memorable, but meaningful.  The goal is to dig deeper than just the event that is happening and find a image that will touch and resonate with my subject.

It was very apparent to me the minute I walked into the house Kate grew up in that it was very important to her and her family.  Not only was the rehearsal dinner held there the night before but the house was obviously loved.  On the wall was a photo frame with two images and a home made matte showing the family’s old house as well as their current house.  Surrounding the photos were signatures from their old neighbors saying how much they will miss them when they move to their new neighborhood.  It was obvious to me how important neighborhoods were to the family.

I had been obsessed visually with the front door of the house the entire time I was there photographing Kate getting ready that day.  The problem was I could not figure out a great way to document it short of just taking a photo of it.  Then I saw Kate making her way for the door as she was leaving for the church for her wedding ceremony and I got my chance.

Being able to make a beautiful photo of her in her wedding dress as she walked out of  the house she grew up in was worth the hard work.


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