The Concept

Your personal photojournalists. Telling your story.

Wirken Photography and Wirken Films are a documentary based wedding and family photography studio specializing in visual storytelling in Kansas City, Missouri. We are a collection of photographers and filmmakers passionate about telling the story of people’s lives in a photo journalistic way. Trained in photojournalism, fine art and cinematography we use our skills and experience to act as witnesses to real life unfolding in front of our cameras.

We feel your life is more important than a meticulously crafted photo safari. In all of our work, the focus is you, your loved ones and your relationships. Focusing on real life creates space for us to be present and capture moments that you would never expect. Moments that are the most real. Not being bogged down by time consuming photography tasks allows you and your family to be completely present, which really is the most important thing.