There goes my life

For those of you who do not know Kenny Chesney — he wrote a song called “There goes my life”. It deals with emotional changes you go through as a parent as your kids grow up. This week was that for me. Tyler and I have had a lot of firsts once we had kids, but the first day of school was more emotional than I ever thought it would be. I am sure most parents go through this, but I assumed (since I am not very emotional) that I would not be the one crying as I walked out of his school alone.  Was I wrong!

He was so excited to start at his new “big boy” school this year. August 24, 2009 our son Alex started at Border Star Montessori in their all day pre-school program. I was thrilled for him too, it just never occurred to how fast they really do grow up. While I was busy  cutting up his dinners, kissing his boo-boos and washing his Elmo underwear he became a big boy.

Enjoy a few firsts from Tyler:img_3162

My TWO big boys.


Anxiously waiting for Mom so he could start his day.



I love this image. Concentrating so hard on carrying all his new school stuff.


Smiling through my tears on the way to school.






Looking for our name in the cubbies.


Meeting our new friends.


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Maybe it’s the rainy day out or our poorly lit loft office, but I’m welling up a bit. Guess I’m a big sap. These are sweet as can be, but still very sad to me.

oh, guys! What a milestone. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to wonder what your little baby was thinking and feeling all day (am I a helicopter parent already?!). Alex is such a curious social guy- he will shine!
Priceless pictures Tyler


OMG – I LOVED this! I have tears in my eyes!! Great narrative and great pictures!!


SO cute! Nice job, Mom! Love the pictures and I’m sure Alex will be his usual outgoing self and be friends with everyone in no time!

The photo of Alex & Zach walking across the lawn is great.

Loretta Marshall

Well, Mom, and so it begins! Yes, they DO grow up too quickly. (I have the adult kids and grandkids to prove it.) Hey, don’t fight the emotions. Again, they stay little for only so long, so it’s a cleansing grieving process you’re going through. Heck, I just flashed back to when my kids had their first day of school, too. Those are memories you never, ever forget. Big HUGS, Mom!


Donna Mandelbaum

AHHH! I love, love, love this. The write up and the photo docs are both so moving and amazing. I think my favorite of all is that Pam is wearing her pearl earrings for the momentous occasion.
Tyler – you are truly amazing at your craft. Can I hire you to document Drew’s first day of kindergarten? I’m giving you a year’s heads up ; )


I still cannot believe the little guy is in school and 4 years old! Made me well up a bit because you know I am a total sap.
Great pictures- they are both so darn ADORABLE!


Great pictures…..I cannot believe your boys are as old as they are already. What a difference a few years makes, huh?


Oh how sweet! I’m all misty-eyed myself! Treasure these days and the memories. Thank you for sharing this special event, and doing it so well!

Oh! Christina and I are at the studio and the “Oh’s” got louder and our hearts warmer as we scrolled down. TOO cute! So awesome that you documented that!


Yes, these images do hit my “Mom Nerve” straight to my heart. I remember those days. This will be just the beginning of those memories. Now, where are those tissues?


The first or many firsts to come. Such a brave big boy!
Thanks for sharing, these are very special moments!

What a treasure these pictures will be to you and to Alex! Soooo sweet. You are so wise to capture the moments…life changes so fast. Great pictures!

Thanks for sharing these precious moments. You’ll never forget this. And, they grow up so fast. It’s even hard when you leave them off at college…

Thanks for sharing these precious moments. You’ll never forget this. And, they grow up so fast. It’s even hard when you leave them off at college

Thanks and good luck with your children

Love it! My favorite is the one of Alex guarding his lunch box in the front yard! If only my 4th graders were this excited about starting their first day! 🙂


So very sweet! You are too lucky to have such wonderful documentation of these days.

Wonderful images to tell a touching story. They grow so fast! These are the priceless moments so important to remember, thanks for sharing.

Tina Langston

Dear Pam, Tyler and sweet, sweet Alex!
Welcome to Border Star Montessori! We are so delighted that your amazing family has come to grow with us. The pictures are priceless. We are going to take such good care of your sweet baby prince.
Blue skies, green lights, and lots of love are ahead~
Ms. Langston
Alex’s New Principal


These pictures are awesome!! I teared up looking at them.

Tom Maxwell

Are you sure these aren’t just old pictures of Nancy and Mark? Or Marilyn and Donny?

Alice Levy

Hi Pam and Ty,
It is awesome that your boys will not only have their own memories but everything will be a loving history for them to enjoy. The photos are amazing as usual. You are very special parents and it is so obvious that your boys are so well loved. I never go to tell you how incredibly sad we were to hear about Mesa… that was one fabulous dog with a big loving heart. He was well loved by many and will be missed.
Love to all
Alice Levy

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