Teaser Tuesday | Two photographs from Kate and Mike’s Kansas City wedding plus a test

Teaser Tuesday was originally designed to provide my couples with a bit of taste of what their wedding images look like but after doing it well over a year I have found it to be very educational for me. Forcing myself to choose just two images from a wedding that really sum everything up and tell the complete story is often quite difficult. I have found it be useful in helping me really zero in to what is most important on the wedding day. Sometimes though this proves to be a very difficult decision and I find myself having to pay attention to both sides of a photo. I need to not only think about what I want and what I find to be a good image but I also need to think what the couple might find to be meaningful. In the end both photos need to not only be moments but also provide a good glimpse into the day. Kate and Mike’s story was two fold in my opinion. On one hand they had an amazing party with some crazy shenanigans on the dance floor and on the other hand was the support and love by their families. So it was obvious I had to show two images that illustrate those two parts of the story equally all the while making sure I show both the bride and groom in at least one image. Not an easy task each week.

This week was especially challenging for me. One of the special parts to Kate and Mike’s story was the relationship between Kate and her father. What a joy it was to watch these two and witness the love Kate’s father has for his daughter. Often times you can sense how much a father loves his daughter but it is rare to be able to see it. Kate’s father really impressed me with his ability to wear his emotions on his sleeve. Something that is often difficult for many people to do. I found myself having a really hard time choosing just one photo that exemplified that relationship. Since Teaser Tuesday is my baby and I can do whatever I want I am changing things up this week and asking you all to help me choose. So in essence this is a Teaser Tuesday Test.

I don’t want to sway you with what I think so I will wait for some comments to come in before I spill the beans on what I like. In the meantime tell me what you think. Do you prefer image 1 or 2 of Kate and her dad as one image that sums up their relationship?

Image 1- Kate’s dad upon seeing her for the first time prior to leaving for the ceremony.


Image 2- Kate and her dad during the father/daughter dance.



Kate and Mike had a killer party. Their family and friends sure know how to get it done on the dance floor. I love this photo as it is full of energy and drinks. No one wanted the party to end even down to the sparkler exit.


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The second one, without seeing their faces, you see everything.

Things are certainly subjective. I love that about life. It’s what makes the world spin. This is exactly why I was struggling having to decide between the two as I feel both images posses aspects that make them work. Image one certainly is a straight forward moment with no need for any explanation. It is the easy choice as there are no questions as to what is happening. I love this moment. It was incredible to witness. However, it does have it’s issues if we are going to get picky. For instance the person merging with dad’s shoulder in the background. The tiny piece of picture frame poking out of his neck and I am not thrilled with the in-between moment of the hand not fully embracing his shoulder. But like I always say the moment wins out every single time and that is a pretty awesome moment. Therefore, I can deal with the tiny issues because the moment is so great. I also like how mom is in the background. Plus, I bet Kate would find this moment more memorable than her dance with her dad as this was the first time he saw her and his reaction moved her to tears. Coming from a gal that says she is not emotional makes the moment that more powerful. With that said,I, as a photographer, prefer image number 2. I like the subtly of it. I tend to gravitate towards the quiet moments that require the viewers interpretation of the moment. Number two is all about the hands for me. That is what drew me to the moment in the first place when I was shooting. I found that gesture to be extraordinary. It feel it says much more about their relationship and find that to be a rare moment between a father and daughter. Add to it the fact that I can just barley see the emotion on dad’s face makes it the winner for me. Sure it has some issues as every photo could be better but I love the intimacy and closeness of what they are experiencing. It’s funny, both of these photos have imperfections, yes, but in a way I like that about them. I always struggle to try and make things perfect when in essence I wonder why I do as in fact life is not perfect. Just today I said to my wife Pam after finishing an on-line mentor session with another photographer that I often feel like a hypocrite after those sessions. There I am pointing out all of the issues with other people’s images and I often have some of the same faults. I guess in the end the important thing is to know the rules and then be okay with breaking them from time to time.

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