Teaser Tuesday | Colorado Springs wedding photography of Brady and Allison at the Broadmoor

I had the extreme pleasure of traveling to Colorado Springs this past weekend to photograph Brady and Allison’s incredible wedding at The Broadmoor’s Cheyenne Lodge in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This was a special wedding for me as Brady has been Brandon’s second shooter at Wirken Films for the past few years so I have grown to know him through the countless weddings we have worked together. So it was an honor to be asked to travel out there and document his wedding. Not only was the scenery spectacular the moments and the story were over the top. Both Allison and Brady are super close to their families making this wedding packed full of emotion and energy. Everything fell into place just like it needed to.

Here are two of my favorite images that also tell the story of the day. Congrats Brady and Allison!

Allison’s mom watching her daughter get married. It was an emotional day for everyone in Allison’s family. Allison’s dad passed away a few years ago and now is buried at the Air Force base in Colorado Springs so they decided to have their wedding in Colorado to be close to her dad.  You could feel his presence.


Brady and Allison in the car on the way to The Broadmoor Hotel after their reception at the Cheyenne Lodge.  These two could not stay away from each other the entire night.



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Oh man, I don’t even know what to say….I felt a thick rush of emotion in my chest when I saw these two images. Debi’s emotional response to the ceremony is amazing and the end of the night image in the car is so sweet. I honestly almost cried when I saw the 2nd image. And you are right, they were so connected and could not get away from each other that night. As their sister-in-law I saw a new level of romance and “in loveness” I hadn’t seen before, which gives me so much joy : )

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