Teaser Tuesday | Alicia + Trent Kansas City wedding at the Pilgrim Chapel

The interesting thing about this job is that it is never the same. One day I am shooting a 1,000 guest wedding and the next I am shooting a 14 person, including the bride and groom, wedding for 5 hours on a Saturday morning. That is what makes what I do so great. No matter how big or how small the wedding my purpose and approach never changes. Alicia contacted me a few weeks ago and booked me this week for their small wedding on Saturday. I loved it. Even though only 12 people were in attendance this event was so real and so meaningful.

Here are two of my favorite images from the day.

It is no secret I love reality and more importantly I embrace things for what they are. So I was excited to get to Alicia’s house that morning to see that they were in the middle of renovations and the place was a mess. It was perfect. They are going to forever have a record of what their life was like when they got married. They had just moved into their house and were in the middle of painting and redoing rooms. I loved how her sister had to sit on the floor to talk to her as she got her hair done because they did not have any chairs in the kitchen yet.


Alicia makes her way into the Pilgrim Chapel to meet her dad before walking down the aisle. This was a great moment as the priest had to go outside and tell Alicia it was time to go. Trent said later that he was wondering what was going on and why she was not coming in. She simply could not hear the music cue. Fun moment none the less.




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