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I tend to consider myself fairly lucky. Typically I believe you make your own luck as the definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. However, sometimes you just plain get lucky. That is exactly how I felt after documenting Sara and Adam’s wedding. My luck was the result of David’s, our associate photographer, bad luck unfortunately. Last fall David was in an accident and was unable to photograph this wedding so I got the call to take over. As sad as I was for David I felt very fortunate to be able to witness Sara and Adam and how they love each other, their friends and their family. It was such a magical day with everyone being so wonderfully open and inviting. It made my job of telling the story quite easy actually. The moments were flowing freely and all I had to do what listen, watch, and wait for everything to come together and it did. Even though I was the ringer Sara and Adam welcomed me with open arms and let me do whatever I needed to in order to make the images necessary. Having that freedom, trust, and access to be where you need to be really makes the difference in the story that can be told. Sara and Adam and their families gave me that and I am forever grateful.

This wedding also solidified my belief in the power of the quiet moment. Last night David and I had Sara and Adam in for their viewing party. I love this time to be able to sit with the couple and watch their images in a slideshow for the first time. I learn so much not only about them but also about what is important in what we do. I have made it a point to really pay attention to the moments between the moments and last night proved to me why that is so important. There were two images that really stood out to the couple. They are both in the post below but neither of them are “wedding” photos. They were simple everyday moments that had way more meaning behind them than I could have ever known or anticipated. Images like this are exactly why I do what I do. They are not images that will any awards or contests or even perhaps make it into my portfolio but they will mean the world to the couple. It just amazes me time and time again how this happens making it impossible for me to go into the next wedding and not work my rear end off hoping to provide the same thing to another couple. Thank you Sara and Adam for who you are and how you love. It was an honor to be a part of your day. Thanks also to David for trusting me with your wedding.

The info:

Ceremony and Reception: The Hawthorne House in Parkville, Missouri

Videographer: Mike Varel Weddings

The photos:

I love this image of Sara and all of her friends getting ready for the wedding. There is so much going on and right in the middle of it Sara is having a moment with one of her bridesmaids.



Sara and her mom are super close. This was a very quite moment that happened while Sara was getting her hair curled. Her mom just came over and held her hand and they cried together. It was great to witness.



Adam getting ready. Photo by: Sam Elfrink006_kansascity_wedding_photography_hawthrone_house_parkville_missouri_wirken_photography_emotinal_religious_wedding_different_wedding_photos_unique_personal_photos



Sara and her mom make their way to the chapel.009_kansascity_wedding_photography_hawthrone_house_parkville_missouri_wirken_photography_emotinal_religious_wedding_different_wedding_photos_unique_personal_photosThis is one of the images that meant so much to Sara. This is Sara’s mom fixing her dad’s, Sara’s grandfathers, hair prior to the ceremony. A few years ago Sara’s mom took her father in to live with them and take care of him after his wife passed away. Sara did not tell me the details but she said I had no idea how important this photo is. Makes me real happy to know that.


The other image is this one. It is a simple moment between Sara and her dad. I have shot this a million times but this time I happened to catch the perfect expression that Sara said sums up her dad and they way he felt that day. 011_kansascity_wedding_photography_hawthrone_house_parkville_missouri_wirken_photography_emotinal_religious_wedding_different_wedding_photos_unique_personal_photos








A few minutes for a fast portrait before heading into the reception.





Adam loves 80’s music. He is a sucker for an 80’s ballad. Sara not so much. Here Adam uses her hand as a microphone to get in the 80’s mood.









Sara had no idea where they were staying after the wedding as it was a surprise to her from Adam. This is right as they pulled up to a quaint bed and breakfast in Parkville, Missouri where they would spend their first together as husband and wife.


Sara learns about the plans for the night.


This photo and the one at the beginning of this post happened during my favorite moment of the day. Upon entering the honeymoon suite that night at the bed and breakfast Sara and Adam dropped their luggage and just sat on the floor and held each other. It was incredible.



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