Sam + Scott | Wedding photography at the President Hotel in Kansas City

This job never gets boring.  Even though I shoot in the same venues, the same list of characters, and the same overall time line of events, each wedding I photograph in Kansas City is 100% totally unique.

There has been no better example of this than Sam and Scott’s wedding at the President Hotel.  I should have seen this coming when I did their engagement session and got cow poop on my pants.  What I love about Sam and Scott and their families is that they are who they are with no regrets.

It was fascinating to witness this event.  On one hand you had this perfectly elegant wedding at the President Hotel that dawned incredible floral arrangements by Blue Bouguet and on the other hand you had a DJ banging out dance club hits and dinner menus getting caught on fire.  It was awesome.

What I love about this job is that no matter if a wedding is in the same building as the one before it is the people and the moments that set each one a part.  Sam and Scott I said this to you at your viewing party and I will say it again, thanks for being you!

The info-

Ceremony and Reception- The President Hotel

Florist – Blue Bouquet


You got to see Brandon’s awesome short film a while back now you get to see my photos-

Sam’s toes.

The eyelashes require a steady hand.

Love this image of the girls getting ready.

They hung the dress in a great spot.

Trying to make some after thought adjustments to the dress.

The garter on top of the spanks made for a great laugh.

Scott kills some time enjoying the view.

Sam lost it when her dad came into to escort her down the aisle.  Her mom was there for comfort.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Sam working on drying the tears in the kitchen before walking down the aisle.  Great shot by Kate.

Sam and her dad.  Shot by Kate.

Scott upon seeing Sam.

Scott and Sam’s dad.

Some fast portraits with some awesome light.

There is always time for a bite of candy off of a passing by baccalaureate’s wrist.

The grooms cake.  Appropriate I must say as well as first  for me.

Life sized cut out of Sam and Scott’s high school prom photo.

DJ Mo was incredible.  If you are looking for a wickedly good DJ let us know.   He is out of this world.  The maid of honor thinks so as well.

Craziness starts to ensue.  No real rental tux’s were harmed by the way.

These next three images show one of the best bouquet tosses I have seen.  Here Sam’s maid of honor is potting her attack.

The wind up.

The attack.  She had Sam throw it short and she swooped in for the grab.  Excellent.

The garter.  Scott thought all of the events were over and went and changed out of his tux only to learn the garter was still to be done.   He then rushed back to change and returned with a t-shirt, tux coat, tux pants, and white socks.  Awesome.

Sam not wanting the night to end.

This image is slated as the ending photo in their album.  The aunt outside the Drum Room with an empty beer.


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