Pomfret Center Connecticut Farm Wedding Photography | Jay & Laura

I knew this was going to be a great wedding the minute we got the inquiry from Jay and Laura asking us to document their Pomfret Center, Connecticut wedding. I already loved how amazing this wedding sounded, then I found out that my good friend and colleague Eric Laurits recommended me. Being the amazing person he is he naturally attracts wonderful people and after our first phone meeting with the couple it was a match made in heaven. Since I consider myself a family historian of sorts the fact that Laura and Jay were getting married at the farm house dating back three generations that she visited as a child made this wedding even more appealing. Add to the fact that multiple family members, including her parents, married there as well just sealed the deal for me. This was right up my alley and it did not disappoint. Everything about this event was how it should be in my opinion. Simple, laid back, and meaningful.

Laura remembers as child sitting with her Grandmother and watching the birds outside on the farm. This hummingbird kept coming back to the tree just outside where Laura was getting ready.
009_B_minor_abbott_wd 011_minor_abbott_wdBeing able to document a wedding such as this in such a meaningful location is exactly how I feel things should be. I loved being able to wander the house and catch family members doing their part to get the event ready all the while preserving what this house represents.

015_minor_abbott_wdJay getting ready down the road at the local inn. Photo by: Ryan Jensen

028_B_minor_abbott_wd 040_B_minor_abbott_wdThis image is particularly important to Laura. Her father getting ready for her wedding in the room that he grew up in. 041_B_minor_abbott_wd059_B_minor_abbott_wdGreat moment between Laura and her sister as the finishing touches are applied.
065_B_minor_abbott_wd 067_B_minor_abbott_wdLaura waiting upstairs for the ceremony to start, as Jay is reflected in the painting downstairs waiting to walk out.118_B_minor_abbott_wd129_B_minor_abbott_wdBeing able to capture a sense of place was very important to this story so we found a room with a view as Laura and her dad came down the aisle. Photo by: Ryan Jensen

135_B_minor_abbott_wdPerhaps my favorite thing and ultimately my goal at every wedding is to capture subtle things that end up being memorable. As soon as we got in the car after the wedding Laura said how much she loved being able to hold Jay’s hand during the ceremony. I was silently grinning in the back seat knowing I had a photo of that.  143_B_minor_abbott_wd

144_B_minor_abbott_wd 148_minor_abbott_wd


The vibe the entire day was so perfect with everyone spending time outdoors around the property enjoying yard games as well as music from Four Bridges. Photo by: Ryan Jensen208_B_minor_abbott_wdTaking a minute to themselves before being introduced into the reception.
220_minor_abbott_wd 225_B_minor_abbott_wdDad toasting his daughter and new son-in-law.228_minor_abbott_wd 232_minor_abbott_wd 239_B_minor_abbott_wdLaura’s sister’s toast was incredible and very touching. Here they share a moment right as she returned to her seat.

246_B_minor_abbott_wdYou can’t be in a location like this and not take advantage of the golden light. So we slipped away at dinner for a fast portrait session.
273_minor_abbott_wd 282_minor_abbott_wd

288_minor_abbott_wd 298_B_minor_abbott_wdGreat outfit and dance moves. Photo by: Ryan Jensen 319_minor_abbott_wd

313_B_minor_abbott_wdPhoto by: Ryan Jensen 376_B_minor_abbott_wdPhoto by: Ryan Jensen 339_B_minor_abbott_wd 351_B_minor_abbott_wdPhoto by: Ryan Jensen 371_B_minor_abbott_wd 396_minor_abbott_wd

398_minor_abbott_wdSuch a pleasure to be with you both on your wedding day.  Thank you both for sharing your joy, your family and your lives with me. 


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