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What a fantastic way to wind down the wedding season.   Michelle and Nathan and their families were an absolute joy to document.  I had the couple and Michelle’s family in the studio last night for a viewing and I was so touched how close they all are.  It was wonderful to sit back and watch how they reacted to the images of that fantastic day.  It was Michelle, Nathan, Michelle’s parents, her younger brother and a bridesmaid in the studio last night.  What struck me was how unapologetic they all were with their showing their emotions.  Just like on the wedding day.  It was so refreshing to be able to really see such a great family dynamic.  It was a flashback to the wedding.  The entire day was the same.  I told Michelle’s dad and Nathan last night how impressed I was that both of them just let themselves get wrapped up in the moment of the day and did not worry about how they looked and if it would bruise their machismo.  In the end those two men made for some of the best images of that day.  You do not see that much anymore.

Thank you all for being so welcoming to me and Kate on that day.  Thank you for reminding me what life is all about.  Family.

The details-

Ceremony- St. Thomas More

Reception- Californos

Dj- Holmes Music World

The images.

I love when brides get ready at the house they grew up in.  It is like pressing fast forward in the learning process about them and their story.  Michelle’s parents house was no exception.  It helped me to see what they valued and gave me a great idea of what images I needed to make to tell the story.  Here is Michelle as a wee little one.


Michelle and her bridesmaids getting down in the kitchen.


I love this shot by my assistant Kate of Nathan starting his process.





They had a bit of trouble with the first part of the dress.  Then success.


Finally dressed Michelle waits in the basement till everyone is gone and her father comes to get her.


Still waiting.  It was totally obvious this family treasured photographs as the house was filled with images of all three children from when they were babies.


Funny story.  Michelle had to wait with just her and her mom for quite a while till her dad came to get her to go to the ceremony.  She was getting pretty anxious waiting for her dad to come through the door.  Finally a car pulled up and in through the garage door comes her BROTHER!  It was so funny.  Here she is still waiting for her dad in the kitchen.


You can learn a lot about someone by their house.  Judging from the fact that they still had on display father/daughter dance photos from every year, I knew the moment her dad came in to get her was going to be an important one.  It was.  To me and to them.   The ceremony was starting in fifteen minutes as the three of us waited for dad for come from the church and get us.  Suddenly the garage opened and we heard the song “I know you want me” by Pitbull blaring from the car stereo.  The door flings open and in comes Michelle’s dad.  In an instant he went from dancing to crying as he saw his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.  It was amazing to witness.  I loved it.  He later said that that moment was one of the best of his life.  Awesome.  Seriously inspirational on how to be a parent and to not take yourself or life to seriously.





I love this image of mom watching as they load into the car for the ceremony.  In case you were wondering someone came to get mom and I rode with Michelle and her dad!


Some comic relief.


Nathan and his guys joking around as they wait for the cue.



Michelle’s brother walks his mom down the aisle as she gives Nathan a thumbs up.


Such an emotional moment as Nathan saw Michelle for the first time that day.  Michelle said she could not see him as she came down the aisle and almost forgot he was there for a moment as she was having so much fun seeing everyone else.  Once she locked eyes on him she too lost it.  It was another wonderful moment to witness.






What a trooper.  Michelle braving the single digit freezing temps for a really fast portrait.  Impressive.


The cake.  I love this image by Kate with all of the reflections of folks watching.


My angle with about 20 kids watching.


First dance.


One of my favorite images of the day.  Nathan enjoys his dance with Michelle.


A new father/daughter dance photo to add to the collection.



This was awesome.  A couple of groomsmen broke into a wicked rendition of Cheap Trick’s Surrender  as Michelle rocked out along with them.


The conga line.


The last dance.


Mom and dad.



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Once again Tyler, the pictures are AMAZING!!! You and Kate did a fabulous job- better than we ever could have imagined!! Thank you so much!

I’m Nathan’s aunt and wasn’t able to come to the wedding. Now I feel like I was there (even cried the tears!)thanks to your fabulous pictures.

These pics are absolutely beautiful – those shots are far beyond the standard ho-hum pics you typically see at a wedding. You have an amazing talent, and I will definitely keep your company in mind!

Laura Vescovi

Wow they are great!
Just loved the black and white.
All the pictures were artfully taken.
Very memorable!

As always Tyler, this stuff is phenomenal. I hope I can be half of the photographer you are some day. Your technical skill is perfectly in harmony with your impeccable eye for moments.

Stunning as always. Love the way you photographed the first dance and father-daughter dance. Beautiful!

Kelley Bugler

Wow!! Sister of the bride here. I’m so upset that I couldn’t be at the studio last night for the slide show viewing. I really wanted to be there! You did a wonderful job capturing the entire experience. I feel like I just relived the whole wedding day all over again! Michelle, you look stunning, and Nathan you are a stud! Thank you for the memories!

Bob Kopp

Amazing work…thanks for sharing!!
Bob and Heidi Kopp!

Grace Marie Ebner

As they say, “Every picture tells a story” and what a beautiful story they tell! As I viewed each creatively captured image, I totally felt the roller coaster of emotions from that very moment… Fabulous photography and truly awesome subjects!


Wow is right!! Mother of the bride here….the pictures are absolutely amazing. I have shared with many of my friends–some who were at the wedding and others who couldn’t make it. They too are feeling the ‘awe’ of the moment. I don’t recall ever seeing pictures that truly tell the story of a very special night. Michelle and Nathan–what a beautiful couple!!! Thank you Tyler!

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