Megan + John | Engagement

Was it their love of trampolines or hammocks that brought these two together?

The answer might be below..one may never know!

What we do know is that Tyler was lucky enough to get to know Megan through her daytime job as one of the two owners of Soiree Event Designs and a good friend of Becca’s.

We knew that Megan was going to be a pleasure to work with from the start and John is just as great. Tyler had the best time doing some fun stuff on their engagement session, and this just proved that their upcoming October wedding is going to be even better! Enjoy.

Megan and John walked into the studio the day of the session and when asked what ideas they had Megan says- ” I know where a trampoline is”. This was going to be fun. So Tyler and the adventurous couple made their way over to said trampoline, knocked on the door and asked to use the classic staple of childhood and viola! Great images and great fun! With the enlisted help of some local kids a wicked game of crack the egg ensued.

This is a perfect example of what we love to do with engagement sessios. Totally telling the story of who each individual couple is. Crazy and fun are what we would describe Megan and John as.


So our clients never cease to impress us. This was their favorite image and is slated to be a 20×30 canvas in their house if they can find room for it! Making us proud.




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Becca Spears

you did such a great job capturing my fun fantastic friends 🙂
This is so them!
love you Megan and John! Can’t wait for the big day!


These pictures are so great….I can almost hear John cracking jokes at Meg! It makes me miss my friends so much and now I’m even more excited for the wedding. Bravo Tyler!

Sarah Ammann

I love, love, love these pictures! I want to see more. Can’t wait to see you guys.

I know these pics are all fun and light-hearted, but the one they picked of them jumping made me tear up! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for so long and seeing people that I know from all chapters of my life, but this one is my favorite!

You captured Megan & John perfectly! This makes me just that much more excited to see the pictures from the BIG day! Can’t wait!

debbie lubin


Julie Chonko

Love these! I can just imagine what a fun time everybody was having. Can’t wait for October! 🙂

I’ve known Megan for a loooong time and have always thought she was the epitome of cute, so I love how you have captured her great looks and spotlighted her captivating personality. Great work, Tyler!

Doug Knop

Ihad already seen these pictures and more that made me laugh and tear up (just practicing for the BIG day!). We all need to appreciate those lighthearted, romantic, playful days in our lives. Thank you Tyler, Meg and John. P.S. Tyler could you cut and not paste Meg’s double chin? (Meg you said it I didn’t).

gayla ungerer

OMG! What great pictures. I am so excited for you both. This is truly the greatest time of your life. Enjoy!
Love, gayla

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