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I would like to introduce to you a new direction we are currently going in with our wedding photography storytelling.

The key word here is baby steps.  This is one of the first attempts of mine at using multi-media to tell a better story.  I have always felt that the combination of still photos and audio to be quite powerful and have wanted to really explore using that technology to further our ability to tell our couples stories.  I have even tried a bit of it at some wedding this past year.  To those clients that are reading this, thanks for letting us experiment and I promise you will see the end product soon!  This stuff just takes time.

Here is the wedding story of Kelly and Pete.  I need to give you a bit of background on this one as I just love this couple.  Kelly came to me with a rather unique story.  First and most obvious was that she was pregnant with their son Augie.  Second was the way they planned their wedding to be.  See Kelly and Pete are both very established folks with a ton of wonderfully tight friends and family.  Plus they just do not like to be “normal”.  I connected  with her immediately and her no BS, take life by the horns attitude.  I loved it.  I got to spend a lot of time with Kelly as I did her maternity images, Augie’s newborn images and then the wedding which took place over two days.  I had not met Pete till the week of the wedding when we had our final meeting.  He was the same as her.  Full of confidence and vigor to make the most of things.

I loved their no apologies approach to this wedding.  They were going to do it their way no matter what.  They kind of like to do things backwards as was evident  as they basically had the reception on Friday night and the wedding ceremony on Saturday with a lunch following.

They had told me that their favorite thing to do was to sit around with friends and a beer and just shoot the breeze and that’s how they wanted their wedding to be.

At the rehearsal dinner on Friday I quickly figured out that I needed to be recording audio of the toasts.  So I took my camera and started just videoing for audio capture only.  I did the same on Saturday and was able to really add to the essence of who these two are and what their wedding celebration was all about.

In the end I am so pleased with this first attempt I can not wait to start exploring this more for our couples in the future.

So sit back and enjoy Kelly and Pete’s show, and our passionate attempt for something new and different.



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What an amazing way to tell the story. The toasts bring a huge element to the slideshow, yet this is the first time I have seen it done this way.


Kate Shearman

Absolutely beautiful. I love this sooo much. How creative and really – this is the way you document your story. Kudos!

AMAZING. Tyler these are the best collection of wedding photos I have seen in awhile. I literally got tears in my eyes, which is not easy for me anymore 🙂 (and not because of the audio, although it was really great). Esp the ones with the little baby! Fantastic story telling!

What joy, what love… ( and tears from me ) Great job.

wow, tyler. that was epic. truly inspirational story telling. I feel blessed to know someone as insanely gifted as you!

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