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Paige and Logan don’t really follow by the rules so it was only appropriate that their wedding plans did not either. When they contacted me looking for Kansas City wedding photography I was a tad confused in the beginning. Two dates, two venues, two dresses. That is basically what their wedding plans in Kansas City would end up boiling down to. They decided to make a weekend of it. Friday would be the day they have their Kansas City wedding ceremony and dinner at Loose Mansion with only family and very close friends then the following day they would host all of their family and friends for a reception at Shadow Glen golf course at Cedar Creek. I was confused at first but once I met with them I was excited. I like when people don’t follow the norm and blaze their own path so to speak. It was to be the perfect balance of all the things they wanted without trying to squeeze it all in in one day. Made perfect sense to me! The only hick up I saw is that we needed to ensure the moments and the momentum would carry over from day one to day two. So we sat down and hatched a plan together.

Helping plan out the day is something I do with every couple I work with and is vital to my success as a documentary wedding photographer in Kansas City but Paige and Logan’s schedule needed a bit more creativity than others. Friday was no problem as it was evident what needed to happen but Saturday took a bit more thought. See I am all about the moments and crafting a schedule that allows real life and real moments to materialize as much as possible. So we needed to make sure we could keep the pump primed so to speak on the moment front that day. They wanted to take their wedding party on a bus and do photos around town before their reception later that evening but we needed something more to make it exciting for everyone. So we decided to jump on the bus and head downtown to Up/Down, a video arcade bar, where everyone could unwind and have a good time playing games and enjoying a drink. Then the plan was to take a few minutes afterward and shoot a few posed photos with in walking distance and head back to the reception to get announced. Because let’s face it no one wants to ride a bus around town on a photo scavenger hunt all afternoon in bad light. It worked out perfect and there was no shortage of moments to be had. Those moments carried on till the end of the night as I was riding with the couple back to their house. They live in the same neighborhood where they first met at a house party years ago. So we all decided it would be a great idea to stop at that house and have a drink in the driveway.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Perhaps my favorite moment of the night was when Paige’s brother sang the father/daughter dance.


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