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Just recently we had a crazy weekend up in Chicago shooting two weddings back to back!  Crazy, but so much fun.  Wedding number one was the first wedding at the newly completed Contemporary Wing of the Chicago Art Institute and then came Jeni and David’s wedding which was at an equally sweet venue on Michigan Avenue- the  Spertus Jewish Museum.

Since Jeni and David might  have to wait a bit longer than wedding number one to see their entire presentation I decided they deserved a bit of a preview of this fantastic event.

An amazing event that was a collaboration between Ellyn Bold Event Design and Heffernan Morgan Designs.  It felt more like a swanky dance club than a wedding.  The venue was amazing with events happening on multiple levels.  They got ready on floor 3, the reception was on floor 9, they saw each other on floor 10 and the ceremony was on floor 2.  It was a crazy event to cover but fun nonetheless.

The images:

Jeni checking makeup.


I love this shot.  David is getting ready while Jeni’s dad is quietly reviewing his speech.  More on that speech later.


On the 10th floor of the museum there is a small balcony making it a perfect place for Jeni and David to first see each other.  David checks out the dress.


Taking a moment to check out the view of lake Michigan and Buckingham Fountain.


A fast portrait of Jeni.  So simply put together.


Wonderful moment between Jeni and her dad during the family formals.  – (Shot by Stacey Doyle for Wirken Photography)


David performs a reading during the Tish.   A traditional Jewish wedding begins with the groom’s tish . The groom attempts to present a lecture on the week’s Torah portion, while his male friends and family heckle and interrupt him. Meanwhile, the bride is entertained in another room by her female friends and family.  All the males enjoy a drink or two during the heckling, which usually involves lots of spontaneous songs.


Once the Tish was over a trumpeter signaled the beginning of the veiling ceremony also known as the B’deken.  David was escorted via loud sounds of chatting and cheering down the stairs to see his bride.


Great shot that shows how the ceremony was laid out on the multiple floors.  Here David is being escorted while Jeni waits on the landing below and all the wedding guests observe. – (Shot by Stacey Doyle for Wirken Photography)


David being escorted by both fathers and his close friends and family.


This was an extremely chaotic situation.  I was able to stay in front of David and make this image of what he saw as he made his way down the stairs to Jeni.


Jeni’s dad gives his blessing to his daughter at the beginning of the ceremony.


After David veiled Jeni it was back to the revelry.


Jeni veiled and glowing.


Jeni and her dad wait for their cue to enter the official wedding ceremony.


This entire event was planned around the drama of the location.  Jeni and her dad entered the theater under a spot light with just them and the huppah lit up. – (Shot by Stacey Doyle for Wirken Photography)


When the couple first enters the huppah, the bride circles the groom seven times, representing the seven wedding blessings and seven days of creation, and demonstrating that the groom is the center of her world.


I love Jewish wedding ceremonies and how the entire family is surrounding the couple.  It must feel good having those closest to you by your side during that time.




Going in for the kiss.



Back up to the ninth floor following the ceremony for the horah.  Jeni with the girls.


David with the guys.


Jeni and David together.




The decor and layout of this event was amazing.  No tables and chairs just lounge seating.





I was able to mount a remote camera on the 10th floor  looking down for the entire reception as we were not allowed to be up there after a certain time and I knew it would be a very dramatic shot of the first dance.


While the remote camera was covering it from above I was able to shoot the first dance from floor level to focus on the emotion.



Time for Jeni’s father’s toast.  He had been working on it for months and told me about it way before the wedding to make sure I knew what he was going to do.  It started as a wonderful blessing to the couple and ended in him reciting a passage in David’s families native language.


David’s sister gives her toast while the couple and Jeni’s parents look on.


The venue.  You can see the party kickin’ on the 9th floor.


This little dude was cracking me up.  He is going to be a heart breaker!




Final shot of the night.  In the cab back to the hotel.


Thanks for letting us document your day!  Hope this preview tides you over till the rest are done!


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you know I love that image of the Tish with the two fathers framed meticulously in his expressive hands.
The Trumpet image is an example of the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer.
And the last image also stands out to me- such great mood. a picture that I would personally cherish if it were my wedding day.

Tyler, these pictures are astounding! The scope of this event and it’s fabulous venue are captured by your genius. The emotion and sense of the sanctity of the day is tangible. I love the picture of the boy rocking out..agreed; a future heartbreaker. Well done!

Killer images, Tyler! Simply awesome.

I absolutely love this post. The last image is my personal favorite.

Just Beautiful! You clients must be stoked!

Absolutely spectacular photography.

Jeni Wallace

I started a blog today. I went to google it to see what would happen and I came up with tons of Jeni’s….lol. That being said I decided to contact some just for kick to see how they pronounce their name. So are you Jenny or Jen-i?

Inga Bespalovaite

No words to describe how wonderful!

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