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Kansas City:  the biggest small town in America.

I have heard this so many times and so many times I find myself amazed at how true that statement really is.

My relationship with these two has gone from common interests to me having quite the emotional moment behind the camera that moved me to tears.  More on that later.

It all started with Jen and Scott’s initial meeting at the studio.  There we were talking about wedding stuff.  You know feeling the vibe, getting excited about their wedding at Mildale farm etc… when towards the end of the meeting Jen mentions Scott races vintage cars.

My ears perk up.  See I have been around vintage cars pretty much my entire life.  My dad and I have restored two Austin Healey’s and currently are working on a big Land Rover project.  So I was interested to say the least.  Scott then mentions he races an Austin Healey Sprite with his dad.  I pause, run his last name through my head and go- “is your dad Clancy?”  Sure enough turns out my dad and his dad have known each other in the british car circle for years.  On top of that I had just recently read about their engagement in the Kansas City Star automotive section.  Scott purposed to Jen while driving the race car in a parade during a race weekend and Tom Strongman of the Star did an article on Scott and his dad with a photo of the engagement.  It was all coming together.

Fast forward to the day of their engagement session.  This day marked another point in our relationship and the foundation of said emotional moment.  It was mid august and we were to shoot their images with their two dogs.  It was a blessing they decided not to bring them.   I was not in the best of moods that day admittedly.  Two days earlier I had just received the news that we had lost our dear beloved black lab Mesa in a post surgery complication.  Our dear furry little girl of nine years.  To say the least Scott and Jen are huge dog lovers and really helped me on my path to healing with their suggestions that truly helped me.   So thanks you guys for your help, conversation, and allowing me full trust in documenting your day.

The details

Wedding & Reception Location: Mildale Farms

Floral: Blue Bouquet

Caterer: Lon Lane Inspired Occasions

The images:

Scott “making sure” the Healey was running okay at speed.


This was pretty funny.  This possum ended up being the wedding mascot after attending the rehearsal and hanging out all day.  It was creepy.


The entire wedding party actually stayed for 3 days on the grounds in the two houses there for a real multi-day celebration that some were still recovering from on the wedding day.



Scott lending a hand.


Jen getting ready for the walk down the aisle.


One of the families favorite images.  Jen’s dad and grandpa waiting.



Great shot by Kate.  Jen and her dad waiting for the cue.


Here is where I lost it.  Actual tears behind the camera as Scott and his dog Noodle have a moment before the ceremony.  Their connection and bond was undeniably strong and moving.  I just could not stop thinking about my Mesa.


Noodle in his tie waiting for Jen.


Jen’s dad does his part to control Noodle’s excitement.


Scott hugs his dad during the ceremony.  It was a happy day all around.






Race tires lined the path to the reception.



A group huge with Jen, her sister and Scott after the toast.



The man that built the motor for the race car warming it up for the couples’ exit.



Love this shot.  It is so Jen with her dirty feet!




Thanks for a great day!


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Whoa whoa whoa. . . how is there not 50,000 comments already? Tyler, this post is stunning! I love how your technical skills show through ALWAYS. Not only do you capture stunning moments and emotion, but you are entirely successful with making those moments into photographs with kick-a technical jazz to pump them up. Mmm Hmm, great job.

Jen Schmidt

Thanks so much Ty for all that you have done for us in this entire process….your pictures truly exhibit all the fun that we had that day. Awesome job buddy!

as usual, your frames have major wow factor Tyler..nice work!!

Tom Strongman

Tyler: Your images are fantastic! What a fabulous job. I am breathless after looking at them.
Tom Strongman

Rosemary Cole

Thanks for making Scott and Jen so happy with your great photography!
Jen’s Grandma

Amy Franken

As the event planner for this wonderful wedding, I cannot say enough great things about Wirken Photography and crew. What deidcated, creative professionals! Outstanding. Can’t wait to work together again soon.

Erica Johnson

These are FANTASTIC!! You are so great with the lighting!

Valerie Baum

Incredible. I’m so obsessed to the point that its in my top visited websites… after 1 day. Thanks for making my sissy’s day even more perfect!

Brent Castillo

Beyond words.

What a great photo album for Jen and Scott. A real gearhead’s wedding. See you both on the track.

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