Holy April batman cont’d………….

bwred_logoAlright I am back with the next installment of how we survived April.

In addition to finishing the studio, another notable accomplishment for me personally was the success of the Art of The Moment workshop held by myself and my good friend Brooks Whittington.

Ever since being asked to teach at the Foundation Workshop a few years back I have been wanting to pursue my new found passion for teaching.  Thus how the Art of The Moment Workshop was born.

Bottom line, we taught what we do.  Every thing to do with the moment.  Seeing the moment, shooting the moment, and selling the moment.  Pretty much we opened up  and taught all that we do in documentary wedding photography.

It was a ton of exhausting work but  so worth it.  We had a great group ranging from as far as Jamaica, and as close as a few blocks away.  We had so much fun that we want to do it again in September- go to for more info.- shameless plug over.

Here are some images from the few days.  A big thanks to Joe Ellis for coming up from Dallas to hang out and photograph all of the shenanigans!

All photos by Joe Ellis-


Proving a point.


Brooks- all business all the time.


Neysa from Cincinnati.


To really drive home the classroom information we took everyone out for a live shooting exercise to put what we learned to use.   Most workshops strive to get great locations, beautiful models, and killer light for live shooting exercises.  Here at the Art of the Moment we believe in reality.  We shot live indoors gymnastics under nasty light with the most cluttered back grounds we could find.  Here is Brooks showing that if you can make a great image here, you can make one anywhere!


Great shot by Joe showing Kansas City’s very own Jason Dominques making it happen.


Anything for a shot!  Brooks learned the hard way how difficult it is to exit a foam pit.  Hilarious!


I promise my next post will be a wedding blog post. I am overdue for that! Thanks for checking in. Remember, there are sill a few spots left for the September 14th-17th workshop!  We would love to have you.

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LOL, I love brooks in the foam pit! Sounds like an amazing time!

That shot of Brooks inside the foam pit, and with two cameras nonetheless perfectly illustrates what these two amazing photographer/teachers practice and preach.

Mastering the moment is one of the most difficult things to do; I hope that one day I get to be 1/10 of the way that Tyler and Brooks are.

Tyler and Brooks, I feel blessed that I have known you from so long. I have an incredible amount of respect and admiration for the two of you.

Your students are sooooo damn lucky and they don’t really even know it yet!!


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