Big news! We are growing………

So if you have seen our facebook page you might be a bit confused.  We are expecting………some new blood……..in the studio……..not in our home!

I would like to proudly introduce you all to some new members of the Wirken family.  In efforts to always offer the best to our clients we have decided to grow our team with another photographer as well as a brand new division to Wirken Photography —   Wirken Films.

Change is good in my opinion.  Change forces you to think differently and make what is already good even better.  With the new additions to our team came the need for a new website overhaul as well.  So be sure to go to www.wirkenphoto.com and see the changes as well as learn more about our new members of the team and their work.

I will start with David Tsai.  David is a good friend of ours here in town and has been shooting documentary weddings for years now in Kansas City.  We have been chatting about having him join our team as he would be a perfect fit for a long time now.  Everything lined up finally and we decided to make it happen.  He is such an amazing person and talent.  We are honored to have him on board.  It will allow us to service so many more clients now that we have the three of us.  David is a perfect fit here as the quiet observer and has a sense of humor that blows my mind.  I love seeing how he sees the world.  So with that I give you David.  Everyone say hi!


Next up I want to introduce you to the dynamic duo making up our new films division.  We are totally excited to be able to expand what we do with photography into films.  Brandon and Nicole Parigo are very talented folks.  I have known them for quite a while.  I photographed their wedding and have been watching them grow their skills as film makers since then.  Their ability to capture emotion and story in a moving picture is astounding.  They are a perfect fit here as  they can do what we, as still photographers,  can not always do.  The way a couple touches each other, how they look at each other and how they move with each other is something that some times can not be portrayed perfectly in a still photograph.  Brandon and Nicole are masters at capturing those fleeting gestures.  Combine that with the skill of editing and you have a wonderful product.  We are so happy to have them on the team.  Say hi to Nicole and Brandon.


Remember to go check out our blog in the future as well as our new site and sit back and watch some great videos from the Parigos as well as what David has to offer, and what us photographers are doing with multi-media.

I want to also give out a huge thank you to our Jewel for taking this wonderful image of us.   Keep checking back here as well for some updates on our new portraits site coming soon!

Thanks and we look forward to what the future brings!


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Who’s genius idea was this? 🙂 I practically put your whole team together 🙂

Yippee! Congrats … can’t wait to see what is to come.
Oh, and also excited to see that Tyler & Becca aren’t both preggo 😉


Yeah! Congrats to all of you…and I love the ‘family photo’ too : )

I love it! David, Brandon & Nicole, I’m soooo glad you guys are joining the team. There couldn’t be a better fit.

So awesome – I love all of you guys and I know that you have the personalities to pull it off – best of luck and I know yall are going to do great!

Cool! What an outstanding team!!

Megan Howard

I LOVE LOVE LOVE David’s work! He photographed our wedding in Wichita and our engagement photos in Kansas City. I get compliments on them every time someone comes over! He is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to get some family pictures scheduled with him!

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