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Happy 2017 from Wirken Photography!

We hope your year is starting out wonderful. Ours has been a bit crazy hence this best of Kansas City wedding photos of 2016 post coming so late. But as they say better late than never. Tyler had a blast last year working with such wonderful clients. We know all photographers say they love their clients but it truly is what makes the difference for us at Wirken Photography. The trust that is given to us from our clients is paramount to making us one of the luckiest wedding photographers in Kansas City. There is simply no way Tyler could do what he does without that trust. Not only do our clients trust him to be present during sometimes intimate moments but more importantly they trust the decisions he is making on a wedding day allowing him to make the best photos possible. That relationship is crucial and we cannot thank our wonderful couples enough for allowing us to stretch our creativity and really take some risks that more often than not turn into huge rewards.

With that we have painstakingly gone through all of our weddings from 2016 and are thrilled to present the rewards of all of that trust. 2016that started on Valentines day and ended on New Years Eve and included cities like Kansas City, Charlotte, Topeka, Edgerton, Kansas, Lees Summit, Brooklyn, New York, and Columbia, Missouri.

Thank you from us at Wirken and here’s to 2017!                             

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These look amazing! Always have enjoyed your work.

Diane Logan

Hi Tyler!
Diane Logan here. Our family was together yesterday and we were talking about you! Our conversation was about how fabulous your photography has been for us… Both Brett and Tiff’s wedding and the photographs of the twins & the twins and I. We also discussed how happy we are for you to see your career skyrocket… You are truly one of the best in the country!!! You have a fabulous gift and all of the Logans are all very happy for you!

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