Teaser Tuesday| Two Kansas City wedding photographs from Amy and Jon’s wedding at the Kansas City Library



One of my favorite quotes is “you have to know the rules before you can break them”, so since I made up the rules for Teaser Tuesday I get to break them today.  The only real rule for Teaser Tuesday is that the image or images have to be moments.  Well even this documentary photographer likes a great portrait, so today I give you one portrait and one moment from Amy and Jon’s wedding Saturday at the Kansas City Downtown Library.   I love these two images from their day.  First is the portrait.  I was really excited about this portrait as it is something I have never done or even seen done before in Kansas City.  We went driving after the ceremony for about 20 min and came across this incredible building.  The result was exactly what I try and go for at every wedding.  A piece of art of their wedding that is not of their wedding.  Mission accomplished.  I also loved the following image of Amy dancing in a circle arm in arm with her girlfriends.  I have no idea why one of them decided to grab her foot but I love it.  This was a very special wedding to me as Amy was the last of three daughters to get married and I have photographed all of them.  Congrats Amy and Jon!



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Outstanding Tyler! Congrats the bride and groom.

The first image is ominous. I envision it as a HUGE print. And the second is wonderful too. I love the angle displaying her kicked up heel and all the smiles of the girls around her. So good. . . I’m excited for you and Brandon to document Brady and Allison’s wedding. I know it will be a really special weekend.

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