Teaser Tuesday | Kansas City wedding photography of Sara and Adam

Words cannot describe Sara and Adam and how amazing they are. I inherited this wedding from David, the other photographer at Wirken, as he was unable to be there due to a personal issue and frankly I am glad I did. I met Sara and Adam at the studio for the first time about two weeks prior to their wedding. I felt like I had known them my entire life. They are the most sweet, welcoming people which made the difference in the quality of images I was able to make on Saturday during their wedding at the Hawthorne House in Parkville, Missouri. Their wedding was incredible and full of everything a wedding should be in my opinion. Amazing moments were thrown at me constantly and everyone granted the access I needed to be there to document them. So for today’s teaser you get three images. Mainly because I could not decide which one to cut but also because this wedding had so many different emotions I felt it a good idea to pick three images showing that story.

Elation. It was amazing how excited and happy their family and friends were for the two of them to have found each other and were now getting married. I love the reaction of the bridesmaid.

_K5A2176Enjoyment. They had a rocking dance party. It is amazing what happens when you give adults glow sticks.


Emotion. I love this image and is perhaps my favorite of the day. Upon entering their room at a quaint B&B in Parkville Sara and Adam dropped their bags and immediately sat on the floor and held each other reveling in what had just happened.


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YES!!!!!!!! I was checking the blog ALL day for their Teaser. OH man. I totally agree with your descriptions. The day was bursting with joy and holiness from inside and out. Laura’s reaction in the first image (bridesmaid with arms up) pretty much sums up how EVERYONE feels about Adam and Sara getting married. And as for the 2nd image I KNEW this image would make the blog. For some reason I could see what kind of image was being made while watching Isaac fervently dance under the glow-stick limbo. And SHEESH, the 3rd image–this is so who they are. Sweetly relieved to finally to have each other. I cannot wait to see the rest.

Sara Brunfeldt

Tyler. We have just landed from our honeymoon and are currently tucked away in a corner of the Houston airport looking, and looking and looking at your images. THANK YOU for them…they are truly amazing. The skill/gift you have is also truly amazing. And, thank you for your kind words.
We are both so grateful to have had you there for our day for so many reasons!

Can’t wait to see you and all the images soon!

With love,

The newly Brunfeldted Brunfeldts : )

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